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After three Chinese students contracted AIDS, they “decided” to go to Japan’s red light district to select the top lady and spread HIV without any protective measures. The network of this virus has spread like this, and it has spread to more than 1,000 people.

That’s the news, as for why the three international students contracted AIDS in the first place, and why they “decided” to go to the three top girls, these “after the fact” discussions don’t make much sense for this news, because things have already happened. Now, no matter how much accountability, we can no longer make people infected with the virus “re-choose” again.

Another thing that can guess the “end” is the discussion of this matter on the domestic simplified Chinese network. Since the simplified Chinese social software such as Douban and Weibo have been cancelled, I don’t know the group of people who are hurting the Japanese. What is the percentage of people who “applaud”? But I believe this is inevitable among those voices, otherwise their so-called kindness will lose its patriotic attributes and populism.

This matter may be far away from us, and even its “applaudable” role far exceeds its own impact.

But this is a chain reaction – Japan’s HIV infection rate has been low for a long time, and this event is enough to become a “black swan”. This is a moral emergency that Japan, a country that almost relies on consciousness and order, cannot predict, so they may begin to strictly restrict entry conditions, and begin to restrict the entry of AIDS-infected patients into Japan. At this time, It’s still far from what we ordinary people look like. Then, it continued to chain, and the Simplified Chinese network even began to use the “applause” to maliciously spread AIDS to the Japanese to divert some of the original social conflicts, and this kind of applause finally spread to Japanese society, and they made entry conditions even more difficult. Strict, and even the original admission system for international students has made strict conditional revisions-perhaps, this chain is still far away from us. Then other countries in the world will reconsider the “legitimacy” of Chinese entry, thus forming a de facto internal and external blockade… Although this series of chain reactions has not yet affected everyone’s life and death, the despair and hopelessness it unleashes. Help, and it is indeed a bargaining chip in the chain reaction.

However, in the end, there are still a group of people who adhere to the principle of “hate others and laugh at others”. They can’t go out, and they can’t see that others can get the right to go out. When everyone belongs to a kind of “fairness” , they feel that all the injustices they have encountered have been adjusted.

No one can tell which link this chain will end up in. This is not a standard gambling game, because everyone has different chips, so we have to find a more “fair” game that allows one person to play. Losing all his chips, and for those who have none, is a “spiritual victory”. So this game is called “Russian Roulette”. A neutron bullet is placed in the revolver cylinder, and after spinning the cylinder, it is randomized to be a headshot for any of the “next round” participants – and of course, a group of people at the outermost periphery of the chain reaction , they wish that the bigger the chain reaction, the better. As long as those with vested interests fall one by one, they can always find their own “victory” from the destruction of others.

For this group of people who encourage everyone to play Russian roulette, they know that they have nothing to lose, so what others already have are vested interests that deserve to be “readjusted” if these things make It’s best to get it yourself, but if you don’t get it, you will destroy everything this group of people has. Until one day, they themselves got something that others didn’t get, and they became the sinners who should be pushed onto the stage to participate in Russian roulette in the eyes of some people.

I also mentioned in “The Sand Pile Game” that those abilities that can’t beat others’ ability to build sand piles will definitely destroy the rules of the entire game in a way that they can – not only can people no longer Winning the game by building a sand pile, even the game of fighting the sand pile is deprived – because they pee in the sand pit , of course, this is the most successful thing they can do At least he swore sovereignty over the bunker.

I remember in the last few days before the college entrance examination, students like to throw their textbooks, workbooks, test papers, etc. downstairs, which has formed a “fixed ceremony” in a sense. That time was no exception, I don’t know who took the lead in throwing the first wave of things. There was a frenzy of throwing books. Because our classroom is on the top floor, I told my classmates that if we also join in this carnival, our textbooks and scrolls will easily appear on the top floor, and if the school wants to hold us accountable, we will definitely be screwed Come out as a typical. So many people listened to my advice and did not participate in it – as expected, the school leaders stopped this behavior and claimed to hold the students accountable by looking at the names on the textbooks.

Those who listened to what I said and didn’t throw away their stuff, certainly appreciate me. Because there are many students in the next class on the top floor, they are in the upper part of the class, and it is much easier to track down.

But the problem is that in fact, the so-called “investigation” of the school is just talk. Because the number of participants is too large, it has to be held accountable. I instantly changed from being a “prophet” to being a “coward”, because no one was punished, and everyone had a good time, only the classmates who listened to my dissuasion, not only did not have a good time, but also got involved by others. The classmates who threw the book laughed.

However, the chain reaction is not over yet. After all, there were still many people who didn’t participate in the book-throwing carnival at that time, so they began to prepare for the second one, because they all realized that the first carnival was not pursued at all, and it was approaching the college entrance examination, and the school would not be there. The last node gives the student a so-called punishment. So, the second round of carnival began. This time, no one cared about my “prophecy”. Those who didn’t participate in it at the beginning were crazy to participate.

But this time, the chain is no longer more people participating in the carnival, but the school’s long-prepared plan. They quickly stopped the second round of carnival, and found the participants of the corresponding class on the book assignments collected before the stop, and asked them all to go downstairs to clean up the mess by themselves.

I suggested to the grade leader that everyone should “legally” participate in a rave while the group is sorting out. Of course, the school didn’t take my advice, thinking I was going a little too far. Logically speaking, this should be the last part of the chain reaction, so that those who did not participate in the vested interests in the first round, but want to win their own vested interests in the second round, clearly know that their greed and stupidity are should be punished.

From the person who first threw the book to the person who picked up the garbage at the end, they may not be the same person, but they must be the same person in the same chain reaction, but it’s hard to say who is chained, because one day, Those who were punished would clamor to tie the original man to the execution stand, waiting for Death to give him the so-called “just” verdict.

The chain reaction of death doesn’t care who is involved, he only cares how many people in this game are willing or forced to pull the trigger of that revolver.

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