Check in Nanjing – Lishui Li Lane and Wuxiang Mountain

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Ever since I heard the name “Wuxiang Mountain” in Lishui, I have always wanted to go there. There is also a Wuxiang Temple on Wuxiang Mountain, which sounds very Zen.

A while ago, our unit organized a “red education” in Lixiang, Lishui, and we went to Wuxiang Mountain by the way.

The first to go is “Red Li Lane”, which is located in Li Xiang Village, Baima Town, Lishui District, Nanjing. The revolutionary predecessors left their fighting deeds here, and now it is a red education base.




In the afternoon, I went to Wuxiang Mountain. It is located in Lishui District, Nanjing City, 5 kilometers away from the central city of Lishui. It is a national forest park. In Nanjing, a “forest city”, there are many such parks.


After a little understanding, the origin of Wuxiang Mountain’s “Wuxiang” is that Han Xizai of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms was not politically satisfied, so he devoted himself to mountains and rivers. One time when I went to Lishui to play, I saw a beautiful mountain scenery in Honglan port, so I built a platform in the mountain and lived in seclusion to study. Han Xizai changed the name of the mountain to “Wuxiang Mountain” and the ancient temple “Wuxiang Temple” when he thought of the “non-self thought” of Buddhism.

According to the “strategy” made by our colleagues, we entered the mountain gate in the north from Meiling Road, then turned to the Xinlu Bridge and turned on the hiking trail. After reaching the top of the mountain, we turned to the “Tianchi”. In the annual card of Nanjing Park, but to be honest, a pond on the top of the mountain is really not worth spending money to see.


From the “Tianchi” to the south, there is a section of mountain road going down. After passing through the cliff stone carvings, Han Xizai’s reading place and other places, you will arrive at the Ancient Wuxiang Temple (different from the newly built “Wuxiang Temple” on the mountain). Unfortunately, It is currently being renovated. From the outside, the round shape of the ancient Wuxiang Temple still has some characteristics.



After leaving the Guwuxiang Temple, there is a road that has been repaired. Get on the bus here and go down the mountain to return to downtown Nanjing.

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