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It’s raining outside, and my heart is as dead ashes.

This is no longer a crash or two. Since joining the company, almost half of the time I have been thinking that I can’t survive. Being depressed half the time hurts myself and affects those around me. Psychological problems often require counseling. Such a waste of me, I have lived for more than 20 years. I always suddenly want to say goodbye to the world, but because of my timidity, I always just stay in my mind.

I am not an introverted person, but I am also a person with extremely poor adaptability to the environment. This kind of corporate culture and working atmosphere is incompatible with me. Because I don’t want to communicate with people, and I am afraid of communicating with people, I only have some comfort when I face the computer. After being a social animal for three years, he is still a waste after all.

I am a very low self-confidence person, which also made me miss a lot of opportunities. It is said that it is difficult to find a job now. If I give up my current job, can I still find a good job? For the sake of the general environment and money, I will tell you to persevere, after all, you come out to work for money.

Insomnia, chest tightness from time to time. Feeling dizzy and almost fainting. Always hesitating on the verge of resignation and fighting in my head. I don’t know which side will win.

It was another late night, with despair from the bottom of my heart.

Scared to sleep because tomorrow is another hell.

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