Checkbox Olympics – How fast are your mouse clicks?

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Checkbox Olympics is an online site for testing mouse click speed. You just need to click all the tick boxes on the screen as fast as you can, and the faster you finish, the better. @Appinn

Checkbox Olympics - 测试你的鼠标点击速度

Thank you @Rio for the recommendation.

Checkbox Olympics

Checkbox Olympics can be hard translated as “Checkbox Olympics”, there are two competitions:

  • 100 metres
  • 110 meter hurdles

The developer also stated on the homepage that this is “a useless web project”, which is really useless. But what if you buy a new mouse?

The race is simple, just click on the activated tick box with the mouse, it counts, here is the 110m hurdle:

Checkbox Olympics - 你的鼠标点击速度有多快? 1

The little frog also recorded a 100-meter video:

It’s okay to test it, we’ll see you in the message.



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