chicken and duck

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Hondecoeter paints exclusively for poultry. Here, the birds are startled by a barking dog that appears from the left. A colorful rooster struts arrogantly, a white duck protects her ducklings, and a dove hurries away. The painting is from the collection of the Orange-Nassau family; it hung in the 18th century at Oranienstein Castle in Dietz, Germany.

Thanks to the collections of the Mauritshuis Royal Gallery , we present the work of Hundkutl. Recently, on its 200th anniversary, the museum collaborated with five street artists to create life-size murals on walls in The Hague, one of which is the painting we are showing today. Don’t miss it when you visit this beautiful city!

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PS Do you know what the most famous bird of the Dutch Golden Age was? It’s ” The Threatened Swan ” by Jan Aselin!

136 x 115 cm

Mauritshuis, The Hague

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