Childhood Memories: Classic Game Simulator Out of the Box Experience

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The childhood of the post-80s and 90s is probably not without the company of this classic game. My dad came back from working out of town and bought a VCD player. The gamepad can be played by plugging it into the back of the VCD. At that time, I liked to play the two-player combination of Contra and Scarlet Fortress. My mother felt that playing games was not good, and told me that playing games would break the TV, so that Later, when the TV broke down, my mother would say that it was because my game was broken.

So until I entered junior high school, I couldn’t touch it again; my classmates all went to the arcade outside the school to play arcades, and I was shy and never went to such a place until now.

Taking advantage of the holiday, I went home and dug out the game CD that my mother had hidden in the cabinet, as well as two damaged gamepads. The VCD at home has also been replaced with DVD. The game CD is not well preserved. There were spots, and the game list read from the DVD was covered with colorful snowflakes. I pressed the game number on the remote control from memory and successfully started Contra.

But the gamepad was damaged, so I dismantled the machine and pressed it directly on the board inside. I didn’t expect to be able to play normally. Although I would be numb with a micro-current when I pressed it, I was still very happy. At this time, my mother was no longer I will talk about my game play, so I borrowed 10 yuan from my mother on a market day, and took my cousin to the town to buy a new game controller, but I couldn’t find it for a day, and I returned home in frustration. Childhood game records come to an end.

Yesterday, I spent hundreds of dollars on the Internet to buy a set of nostalgic game equipment. This morning, the courier knocked on the door and delivered it. Here is a list of items:


Can’t wait to connect the monitor, it supports PSP, arcade, PS1, NDS, FC, DC, N64, GBA and many other emulators, a total of more than 7000 games, you can switch between the TV system and the game system.


After opening it, a few Contra Dreams came back to childhood. Although these simulator games can be played directly on mobile phones and computers, it is still not as comfortable as playing with a controller.

It’s just that the people who played games together in childhood have long since disappeared. Maybe it’s not the game that I miss.

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