China Academy of Information and Communications Technology launched the “one-click unbinding” function of mobile phone numbers

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Today is June 9, 2022, and there are 205 days left until the end of the year. On June 9, 2008, the Beijing Subway began to use the automatic fare collection system.

China Academy of Information and Communications Technology launched the “one-click unbinding” function of mobile phone numbers

China News Network reported that the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, recently launched a one-click unbinding function.

It is understood that the one-click unbinding function provides the release of the Internet account association relationship with the number registration and binding before the number I hold (that is, before the number is cancelled and restarted) (the Internet account bound while the number is held by me will not be affected). Online mobile phone users of China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom can apply for this service. The Internet applications covered by this service are Weibo, Taobao, Douyin, Toutiao, Meituan, Dianping, Xiaomi Ecology, etc. The specific application page shall prevail.

This function is currently online in the “One-Number One Check” official account, search for the “One Number One Check” official account, and click the “Service” option to see it.

Jingxi Pinpin, a subsidiary of, closes business in Shandong and other places

According to Cailian News from a number of relevant people, Jingxi Pinpin, a community group buying platform under, has further reduced its business lines, and may only retain business in Beijing and Zhengzhou. At present, Jinan in Shandong, Anyang in Henan, Hubei and other places have disbanded the head groups. In the previous March, Jingxi Pinpin had experienced a round of withdrawal from the city, which was reduced from more than 20 provinces to Beijing, Shandong, Henan, and Hubei.

Twitter ready to offer Musk’s requested database access

After a weeks-long standoff, Twitter’s board plans to comply with Musk’s request to provide access to its entire “Firehouse” database, which is published daily, The Washington Post reported on Wednesday, citing people familiar with the matter. A data stream of over 500 million tweets.

Musk had previously made it conditional on terminating a $44 billion acquisition agreement that required Twitter to provide spam and fake account data and allow him to conduct an independent assessment.

Sources said the “Firehouse” data could be available as early as this week. About two dozen companies currently pay for access to the database, which includes not only a real-time record of tweets, but also the device on which they tweeted, as well as information about the tweeting account.

Musk’s legal team believes the data flow is critical to understanding the amount of spam and fake account activity on his platform, a figure that could impact Twitter’s ad revenue.

Intel has frozen hiring in PC desktop and laptop chip divisions

Intel Corp has frozen hiring in its desktop and laptop chip divisions, according to a memo from Intel.

It is reported that Intel is suspending all hiring and putting all job applications on hold in its client computing division, and Intel plans to reassess its priorities and resume some hiring within two weeks.

Meta has another personnel change, the number one engineering leader will step down

According to Phoenix Technology, an internal memo from Facebook’s parent company Meta revealed that David Mortenson, Meta’s head of engineering, is stepping down.

David Mortenson was previously responsible for data center and core infrastructure and has been with Meta for 11 years. Santosh Janardhan, currently vice president of engineering, will take over at the end of this month. Mortenson said he will take a break after stepping down, but he will not leave Meta.

DJI announced that it will hold a new product launch conference on June 15, and is expected to launch a variety of new products

DJI released a new product preview, and will broadcast the DJI PRO 2022 new product launch event globally at 9 pm on June 15th, interpreting the “new definition of stability”. This is also the first time that DJI has made a sound in the professional product line in 2022.

Some digital bloggers speculate that DJI may launch the LiDAR rangefinder and O3 Pro image transmission on the Ronin 4D, and the third one looks to be the RS series stabilizer with the iconic red line.

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