China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing: The logistics industry remained stable from January to July, and the basis for recovery still needs to be consolidated

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 Titanium Media App news on August 30, China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing website news on August 30, in July, the logistics operation was generally stable, but the growth rate declined. Short-term factors such as high temperature, floods and local epidemics in some areas are affected. On the other hand, the rebound in logistics demand still needs to be further consolidated. In general, the current economic recovery and the policy of ensuring smooth access and smooth flow have achieved obvious effects, and logistics operations have maintained a recovery trend. In the later stage, it is necessary to further release incentive policy expectations, stabilize market expectations, enhance the vitality of micro-enterprises, and maintain the strong resilience of the industrial chain and supply chain of the industrial manufacturing industry. Stabilize production capacity and expand the market for consumer logistics demand. From January to July, the total social logistics in the country was about 190 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 3.1% based on comparable prices, and the growth rate was basically the same as that from January to June; the increase in the month was 3.3%, a slight drop of 0.3 percentage points from June.

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