China Federation of Things: In 2021, the scale of China’s food consumption market has exceeded 15 trillion yuan


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 Titanium Media App reported on August 10 that the 2022 Global Ingredients Supply Chain Summit and the 10th Catering Retail Cooperation Conference were held in Fuzhou. Cui Zhongfu, Vice President and Secretary General of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, said: "Strengthening the dominance of the supply chain and enhancing the long-term competitiveness under the open pattern has become the key for countries to meet a new round of global competition. In 2021, the scale of China's food consumption market has exceeded 15 trillion yuan, the primary food ingredients market is about 6.5 trillion yuan, the food processing market is 10.46 trillion yuan, the food distribution market is 8.37 trillion yuan, and the total cost of food logistics is about 0.7 trillion yuan. The consumption of food materials is huge. It is not only the key to solving the current development problems, but also the only way to promote enterprises from category expansion to quality building and brand leadership."

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