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Two days ago, Wang Zuozhongyou published an article titled “Chinese is indeed dead” on his public account of the same name. In this article, he listed a lot of disgusting facts about Chinese, and then he I think “Chinese is dead”, but I don’t agree. I don’t think it has anything to do with Chinese, but with people who use Chinese. Raising the concept to the level of Chinese is just a gimmick. I want to criticize , is a person.

In that article, Wang Zuozhongyou demonstrated the situation that Chinese is dead from four aspects: childishness, sensitivity, loss of creativity and nonsense. This article will also elaborate my opinion from these four aspects and based on the facts he listed. point of view, but in this article, I did not refute him, it does not mean that I agree with him, I just want to talk about what I think is more important.

young? Or alienation?

When he started talking about “Chinese is getting lower and lower”, I agree with part of his statement that I also hate unprofessional expressions.

But compared to the unprofessional expression, the phenomenon that he mentioned “positive patients” are called “sheep”, I think this is a more serious phenomenon that must be vigilant. Calling people “sheep” and calling women “ewes” is alienation of people. If more and more people accept and use this name, the worst situation may be that everyone will gradually form their minds. A terrible tacit understanding: can we not treat them as “people”, can we do whatever we want with them, because they are just “sheep”, not “people”.

I have the impression that many human tragedies in history happened because of this, but I can only recall a similar story in “Black Mirror”. The perception system of the soldiers was adjusted so that the soldiers could not see the reality of the killed objects. In appearance, these soldiers always thought they were killing so-called “cockroaches”, but in fact they were killing people just like themselves.

But for the above problem, is it a Chinese problem? No, it’s the person’s own problem, it’s the person who chooses how to use Chinese, and it’s the person who shapes the dark thoughts in ignorance.

sensitive? Who is sensitive?

I am equally disgusted with him, but I do not know what he dislikes, and he enumerates the situation where the word “kill” is changed to the symbol “▢” and the word “money” is replaced by the abbreviation of the initial letter “q”. I hate people who censor, and people who censor themselves.

The reason for this is not as he said, because “Chinese is becoming more and more sensitive”, but because people have become sensitive, people have become afraid, people have become less and less moral, and some people are worried about the language. Convicted, some people are worried that the censorship is not enough, and everyone is censoring and self-censoring (I have already explained in detail the harm of self-censorship and the reasons for it in “Self-censorship is more abhorrent than any censorship” ).

This is not a Chinese problem, but a human problem. Rather than blaming the problem on the word “Chinese”, we should directly point out the problem, and do our best to correct it, so that every word can be presented in a clear and above-board manner.

Isn’t this creativity?

Wang Zuozhongyou listed a lot of emerging Internet words in the article, but he said that “Chinese is losing more and more creativity”, so what are the new words he listed? Isn’t that creativity?

So I think he confuses Chinese again with people who use Chinese, are we hating words like Jue Juezi? No, as The World tweeted one day, we hate “scribbled, trite, parrot writing,” we hate the people behind those words that are used haphazardly.

What if there’s a lot of nonsense?

He also mentioned that “there is more and more nonsense in Chinese”, using what he called modern “literary garbage” to compare the classics of ancient literati, nostalgic for the past and hurt the present.

But I think that every era has content of every era, there must be garbage in ancient times, and there is no shortage of classics in modern times. He can dislike it, and I can’t say I like it. This is a matter of opinion and has nothing to do with whether Chinese is dead or not.

i can’t die

What I’m talking about is all based on what Wang Zuozhongyou has listed, but he seems to focus his criticism on Chinese, and I think Chinese has nothing to do with it, it’s all artificial.

I don’t want to sigh at the Chinese people, it’s very useless, I want to wake up myself, maybe I can also wake up others, keep respect for Chinese, keep respect for yourself and others, the power of words is stronger than imagined , words can represent more things than imagined.

Wang Zuozhongyou said that Chinese is dead. As a response or refutation to his article, I feel that my article should also be dead. Because I criticize people, I say that people are dead, because it is indeed from a certain On this level, those who use Chinese so badly in Wang Zuozhongyouwen, although alive, might as well be dead.

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