Chongqing Forest

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When a person cries, you just need to give him a pack of tissues. But a room crying, you have to do a lot of work.


“Chongqing Forest” is a romantic film directed by Wong Kar-wai and released in 1994.

The story tells two love stories.

The first paragraph is about the police officer (Kincheng Takeshi) No. 223 who broke up with his girlfriend and couldn’t help himself. Later, he met a female killer (Brigitte Lin) in a bar. Later, the two spent a short night in a hotel, and finally said “Happy Birthday” Finish.


The second paragraph is that after the policeman No. 663 (played by Tony Leung) was dumped by his girlfriend (Carina Chow), he still reluctantly parted with her, expecting her to come back again. The new helper (Faye Wong) of the fast food restaurant slowly fell in love with 663, who often came to buy late-night snacks. Later, in a breakup letter left by his ex-girlfriend to 663, he got 663’s room key. He often sneaked into his house when he was not careful, and quietly changed his life. Later, after being bumped into by 663, 663 felt the return of love, and this was only the beginning of their relationship.


It is said to drink tea on the top. It is said that Xing Ye used it to spoof it in “Domestic Lingling Paint (1994)”.




Here are some things that I find interesting:

I wish it was ten thousand years

In the first relationship, number 233 had a line after receiving the “Happy Birthday” left to him by the female killer: “If memory is also a can, I hope this can will not expire, if you must add a day If so, I hope it is 10,000 years.”

These two lines are very similar to the two lines in “Dahua Westward Journey: The Great Sage Marries a Marriage”. Later, I checked that this line in Dahua Westward Journey was used by Liu Zhenwei to ridicule Wang Jiawei, hahaha.







Delicate mind

233 When the police officer was about to leave, he saw her lying on the bed wearing high heels, and remembered that his mother had told him that if she went to bed in high heels, her feet would be swollen the next day, so he helped her take off the high heels before leaving. , and wiped it down with his own tie.



talking to oneself

After being dumped, Police Officer 663 often talks to various things at home by himself, which is a bit funny. I don’t know if it’s the same for broken love, I haven’t experienced it…








Affiliate’s Thoughts

It’s not enough to get the key, take the opportunity to set the address.


If you want to help with something, the timing is not right.


Go in with gloves, for fear of leaving fingerprints.


Use a magnifying glass to find long hair on the bed.


Lost after finding.


I used the shower to trick my cousin that it was raining at the vegetable market, so I went back a little later.


Fit cramps.



I don’t understand some places

I don’t quite understand why Afi didn’t go to see him directly, but went to California and waited for a year.


And when he came back, he became a flight attendant (his ex-girlfriend’s profession) and had long hair.


The overall feeling of this movie is relatively comfortable to me. There is a very nice song in the movie “California Dreamin’ · The Mamas & The Papas

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