Chongqing is rising! Chongqing can do it!

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Because of the epidemic, because of wildfires, and because of the high temperature, some people are really moved by the city where they are located. Although they have never been at the scene, but listening to the daily news from friends and WeChat groups around them, they are heartbroken every day. There are 32 million people in Chongqing, I am one of them, we really love our city.

On the short video platform, many people said: Many people in Chongqing did not wear masks because of the epidemic, and the answer they could give is: a city that has completed the city’s nucleic acid test in just 12 hours and one night, what else is there to be afraid of? Woolen cloth?

There are also many people who have pointed out that it seems very dangerous for motorcycle riders to climb mountains without wearing helmets properly, but in fact, it is not wrong for the brothers in Chongqing, because the roads of the 8D magic city have trained most of them. This is one point of driving skills; there are also many people who love off-road motorcycles who generally have club venue training, and they will not easily go on the road without a license, so it is also safe to make such a high mountain. (no blind confidence)

Chongqing has the largest motorcycle production base and the largest motorcycle exposition, which is also a matter of course.

That’s why I like riding motorcycles so much, I really can’t put it down.

It’s finally raining today

I believe many brothers and sisters feel the same way! Moved, happy, cheers!

Mountain City Beer! Longfeng Chengxiang pumped up! Chongqing hot pot to eat! Just chop it up! We welcome friends from all over the world to play in Chongqing.

Chongqing people are really real and fast! The song “Chongqing Can Do It” has been in my ringtones for a long time.

This article is a record post, paying tribute to the friends who have struggled on the front line of the mountain fires in Chongqing.

Salute, travel thousands of miles, to the vast!

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