Choosing a Doorway for a Gas Water Heater

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Note: The title picture comes from shuaisoserious taking a cold shower haha.

A new gas water heater was replaced a while ago. Although the water heater is not very bad, there is a mandatory scrapping rule for eight years. It’s better to change it. Adhering to the concept of choosing the TOP brand, the industry leaders in this regard are Japan’s Nozomi (lǜ) and Rinnai, and choose between these two brands. AO Smith is famous for making electric water heaters. In the early days, gas water heaters were OEMs, and they used stainless steel water tanks. They must be copper water tanks.

The budget is between 2500-3500. The prices listed below are the e-commerce prices at that time. The prices fluctuate greatly and need to be screened by yourself.


The brand was established early in Rinnai, making gas appliances in the early days, and entering the gas water heater market a little later. Energy rate is the inventor of the constant temperature gas water heater, and the technology is at the forefront.

  • Can rate Noritz, full Japanese (fewer domestic stores)

  • Rinnai Rinnai, Shanghai joint venture (many cooperative stores, high domestic market share)

Liters (Japanese Standard)

  • Gas meter specification G1.6 [1] , one kitchen and one bathroom 13L
  • Gas meter specification G2.5 16L
  • The gas meter specification is G4 20L or above, and the villa is equipped, which is not within the scope of this article.

Exhaust way

  • Flue type (obsolete)

  • Balanced (straight)

  • Strong row type (good safety)

Water tank material

  • Stainless steel (easy to rust)
  • Phosphorus deoxidized copper (longer service life)
  • Oxygen-free copper (thermal efficiency is better than phosphorus deoxidized copper, “thickening” material is preferred)

Temperature control method

  • Gas proportional valve (not recommended)
  • Water and air dual tone
  • Water volume server/zero interference (judging whether it is an indicator of a good water heater, adjust the constant temperature for unstable water pressure)


  • Bottom fan (more economical and longer life than top fan)

  • Micro flame/micro flame burning (when bathing in summer, the water temperature of the water pipe is high, and the lower heating limit is lowered by 3°C)

  • Zero cold water (requires installation of return pipe, configuration of high-end models)

  • Generally speaking, the heavier the better, and the material used is sufficient

naming convention

  • JS [2] – Indicates that it is used for hot water (this article is about this type of model)
  • JN – for heating
  • JL – for hot water and heating

Exhaust method

  • D – Naturally vented

  • Q – Forced exhaust

  • P – Natural air supply and exhaust

  • G – Forced supply and exhaust

  • W – Outdoor


Rinnai model

RUS – Rinnai No., produced in Shanghai
13 – Liters
QD31 – Model

Rinnai JSQ26-D31/RUS-13QD31 Surging Core Power ¥2900 (air-water dual-control temperature, slightly lower specific energy rate E4, lower noise, more micro flame technology)

Rinnai JSQ26-D06W ¥3500 (this is the real benchmark energy rate E4, features: low pressure start, CO early warning)


Energy rate model


The energy rate JSQ25-F3 is mainly silent and noise reduction (entry model), and its positioning is lower than that of E4, so it should be cheaper than E4, so there is no need to choose it if it exceeds ¥2100.

Energy rate JSQ25-E4/GQ-13E4AFEX 13L about ¥2900, the standard line of gas water heater, high-end model goalkeeper

Energy rate JSQ25-V36 13L ¥3400 (more micro flames , noise reduction, Voice and APP remote control function ) bells and whistles are useless, it is important that the water heater heats up quickly and stably


The new energy rate JSQ25-EA2 (Tmall ¥2599) is a machine for cutting leeks, and the new ones still use a gas proportional valve to control the temperature…


There is also an energy rate SQ25- A10 (GQ-13A10AFEX) ¥3000+, which is produced by Guangdong Jinmeida and also passed.


There is a high probability that it will not be used, and the master will prepare it when he comes to the door, but let’s list some brands:

  • Submarine brand tubes
  • Weixing large flow spherical angle valve
  • gas valve ✖ 1
  • Gas Bellows ✖ 1
  • water pipe valve ✖ 2
  • Jinan flue


Installation preparation

  • The environment should be installed in an open space as much as possible, preferably not in the bathroom
  • Reserve hot and cold water pipes and natural gas pipes
  • The exhaust hole is reserved (the door is not responsible for punching), if you are careful, bring your own auxiliary materials

Purchase and on-site installation

After watching it for a long time, after repeated comparisons, the configuration of the basic model is more efficient. I chose the energy rate E4 13L , and there is an electric water heater at home, this small capacity is enough. And installed outdoors, it is not sensitive to noise problems. Although it is an old model from 2016, the configuration is still possible. The entry-level model of the water volume server does not have a slight flame. The reputation has been good for so many years, and the price of the new machine is high, changing the soup instead of the medicine, and changing the gimmick to harvest the leeks. It is also the best-selling one on It is still the one that the public chooses the most. Everyone helped me choose it. 🤦‍♂️

After comparing the same machine from and Taobao, I finally placed an order on Taobao. costs ¥600 more when the so-called discount is on. Do not disassemble it after arrival , it can only be installed by officially qualified professionals, otherwise there is no warranty.

Call the official phone to make an appointment for installation. The first visit is free, and the accessories are calculated separately. There is no cost for my installation. The master is very skilled, and the installation is completed in less than 20 minutes.

After- sales service is a three-year warranty, and the water heater will be inspected every year from June to September.


Because the machine is moved outdoors, the smoke exhaust effect is good, and there is no need to worry about the generation of toxic gases indoors, and there is no need to worry about it in winter. The machine has an antifreeze design, just wrap the water pipe with warm cotton.

It is indeed much faster to use hot water than before. I use it while taking a shower and washing my hands at the same time. The fluctuation of the water flow is also very small, but overall it did not bring me a qualitative leap. Maybe the presence of the water heater is relatively low. , and I’m starting a cold shower now.

And even if the flowers are picked out, many models are specially provided by the e-commerce platform, and the premium is difficult to avoid. Only the chips are imported, the others are domestic, so you know, unlike the rice cookers below, you can buy pure imported ones.

It took a lot of time to choose. Although I took a cold shower again, it made my family more comfortable to use. By the way, I bought one for my neighbors to save their homework. This article will not be written in vain.

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