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Help to forward the text of Brother Koumu and the video link of the clarification video of the cold-blooded senior in person

I hope that everyone will not easily believe in the various “shortcut” schemes provided by his name and text on the Internet.

He was troubled by the fact that his name was used by people with intentions, although I also felt helpless for him,

But at the same time, it is a blessing in disguise to see that he is still able to publish in a very spirited manner, and I am also a little gratified.

In addition to clarification, the seniors did not forget to share a little investment experience in the video

In it, he mentioned “I have been doing it for 50 years and still often miss it”,

as well as

“Everyone can make money in the stock market in the short term, but if you want to survive in the stock market for a long time and accumulate wealth above the level of freedom, you cannot rely on speculation to achieve your goals”,

These two passages resonate with me personally.

I have often thought that to assess a person’s true nature,

Don’t look at how good a person is,

Rather, it depends on how bad he is.

After all, if you want to be good, anyone can be super nice to others.

But seriously, some (bad) things,

Really not everyone can do it.

When a person faces difficulties, desires, positive and negative choices….

The last bottom line is the real him,

At this time people will see the difference,

And most of the stories, tragedies, and conflicts stop there.

So yeah,

There is nothing wrong with desire and ambition,

But what will people do for their desires and ambitions,

That’s where you have to be vigilant at all times.

Do not underestimate desire,

Don’t overestimate yourself either.

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