[Collection with Prizes] 8 Contrarian Debt Funds Invite You to Evaluate

# Lao Siji Hard Core Evaluation# aims to create a long-term column for the evaluation of golfers’ crowdsourcing funds. Topic will select a fund theme every week, covering fund targets that are widely concerned by golfers, and invite golfers to mine and analyze the investment value of these funds. In this evaluation activity, Topic selected 8 anti-trend bond funds.

In the face of the current bleak stock market, many golfers turn their attention to the fixed income market. Compared with the wild fluctuations of stocks, although the return rate of fixed income bonds is not as good as that of stocks in the bull market, it is more stable and comfortable.

There are various types of bonds, and the indicators for judging the investment value of bonds are also very professional. For ordinary investors to directly purchase bond assets, they need to cross relatively high cognitive and capital thresholds.

At this time, the layout of public funds through bonds is a good choice! Fund companies set up a professional fixed-income team to invest in the bond market to obtain long-term and stable investment returns. A number of well-known bond fund managers have also been born.

To this end, Topic selected 8 anti-trend debt bases based on the popularity of discussions among golfers in the Snowball station. They have all achieved positive returns this year, including the flagship products of well-known fund managers Deng Xinyu, He Kang, Luo Yuanhang and Li Dongliang.

They are:

1. $Chuangjin Hexin Hengli Super Short-Term Bond Bond C(F006077)$ : Fund managers Lu Yiyang, Xie Chuang, Zheng Zhenyuan, the return this year is 0.94%, the return in the past year is 3.32%, the return in the past three years is 9.69%, and the return in the past year The largest drawdown was -0.04%, and the latest size was 341 million.

2. $Bosera Steady Return Bond C(F160514)$ : Fund manager Deng Xinyu, has returned 0.01% this year, 6.84% in the past year, 27.38% in the past three years, the largest drawdown in the past year -1.29%, and the latest scale of 45.76 100 million.

3. $China-Canada Pure Debt Bond (F000914)$ : Fund manager Yan Peixian has returned 1.72% this year, 5.39% in the past year, 16.05% in the past three years, the largest drawdown in the past year -0.17%, and the latest scale of 73.36 100 million.

4. $Huatai Pineapple Quarterly Red Bond (F000186)$ : Fund Manager Luo Yuanhang, has returned 1.22% this year, 6.01% in the past year, 13.01% in the past three years, and the largest drawdown in the past year -0.28%, the latest The scale is 8.386 billion.

5. $Huabaokang Bond (F240003)$ : Fund manager Li Dongliang has returned 0.19% this year, 5.71% in the past year, 14.78% in the past three years, the largest drawdown in the past year -0.93%, and the latest scale of 1.547 billion .

6. $Western Profit Exchange Bond C(F675113)$ : Fund managers Yan Zhiyong and Li Anran have returned 0.44% this year, 5.38% in the past year, 17.37% in the past three years, and the largest drawdown in the past year -0.74% , the latest scale is 4.272 billion.

7. $Southern Tongli Bond C(F000564)$ : He Kang, the fund manager, has returned 0.42% this year, 2.98% in the past year, 10.58% in the past three years, the largest drawdown in the past year -0.61%, the latest scale 152 million.

8. $Huaan Pure Debt C(F040041)$ : Fund manager Zheng Ruxi has returned 0.78% this year, 3.34% in the past year, 10.33% in the past three years, the largest drawdown in the past year -0.35%, and the latest scale of 1.002 billion .

(The return and drawdown data above are as of April 22, 2022)

Topic Brother invites golfers to conduct an all-round evaluation of these 8 contrarian and defensive debt bases, and welcomes golfers to publish long articles or videos to participate actively. Excellent fund evaluation content will be rewarded in cash and recommended for display in the [Fund Evaluation] section of the fund page.

【Activity time】

April 25, 2022 – May 8, 2022

【Activity Award】

Golfers who publish excellent fund evaluation articles will receive cash rewards:

2 first prizes: 666 yuan cash reward

3 second prizes: 366 yuan cash reward

5 third prizes: 200 yuan cash reward

Excellent Award N: 8~88 yuan for random reward

Players who publish excellent live and short video content will also receive cash rewards:

5 live broadcast awards: 188 yuan cash reward

5 short video awards: 88 yuan cash reward

【Traffic Incentive】

High-quality review articles and live video content will provide the following exposure support:

1. Recommend to the fund page [fund evaluation] content display position to obtain long-term traffic exposure;

2. Recommend to Snowball’s “Today’s Topics” column to get more exposure and opportunities to communicate with golfers;

3. Simultaneously release on the Xueqiu official account of WeChat public account, Weibo, Toutiao and other platforms.

【way of participation】

1. Publish a long main post, and add the hashtag #laosikihardcoreassessment# and fund code and @today’s topic (post → long article → title → hashtag + $ fund code $ + content of the essay);

2. Contact @snowball roadshow for an in-depth interpretation of the fund evaluation;

3. When posting the video of the event, please add the hashtag # Lao Siji Hard Core Evaluation# , and in the comments @snowballvideo . If you have not yet activated the video permission, please send a private message to @snowball video “I am Lao Siji”, and the video will be activated within one working day. After the Send Video button appears next to the Send Long Text button, you can publish the video.

【Content of the call for papers】

Evaluation and analysis of one or more of the 8 funds mentioned in this call for papers:

You can refer to the following templates:

1. Do you think this contrarian bond base is worth investing in?

2. Have you ever bought this fund? How did it perform after buying it?

3. What is your investment strategy for this fund in 2022? Ready to buy, sell or keep holding?

4. When investing in bond funds, do you prefer a one-off buy or a fixed investment?

5. For this bond fund, what do you think of its performance attribution?

6. What do you think of the 2021 annual report and 2022 first quarter report of this bond fund? What highlights did you find?

7. What are the risks to be aware of when investing in this bond fund?

【Selection Rules】

1. Posts must have hashtags;

2. Objective score (40%): based on the weight of the interactive number of articles or videos such as reading, forwarding, commenting, likes, favorites, rewards, etc. Data weights are added together.

Subjective scoring (60%): Snowball will organize investment veterans to form a jury to evaluate the quality of articles and videos;

3. Please pay attention to abide by the “Snowball Community Code” when posting;

4. The final interpretation right of the event belongs to Snowball within the scope of law;

5. Instructions for submission:

(1) Any content (including but not limited to pictures, text, charts, etc.) provided by the contributor (hereinafter referred to as “you”) to Snowball in this essay call should be original by the contributor, and plagiarism and plagiarism are strictly prohibited. Discovery will be disqualified.

(2) Contributing users agree to grant Snowball the free, permanent, non-exclusive, and sublicensable rights and licenses to all your submitted content (including selected and unselected content). For the purpose of traffic incentives and promotion of content dissemination, Xueqiu has the right to use the content you submit, including but not limited to: synchronously publishing the content on Xueqiu’s official account of WeChat public account, Weibo, Toutiao and other platforms; publishing the content To “Snowball Special Issue” and upload it to major platforms for users to download and circulate; disseminate the content to other legal channels.

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