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Wednesday sunny village site

I was woken up early in the morning by Director Guo of the emergency service center. I had agreed to hold a publicity event today, so I quickly got up and moved the table to put things away. Don’t mention it, there are still quite a lot of people on the set. colorful life

It was almost ten o’clock after the event was over, and another notice came, saying that we were to watch the live broadcast of the emergency drill, which was live on CCTV. It was still very shocking in the Zhangye area, and it was indeed a national-level emergency drill.

It was announced yesterday that we should go to the county to pull up the publicity materials for disaster prevention and mitigation. We started a publicity campaign in the morning and planned to pull it in the afternoon. As a result, our team leader said that we would go to the village for a meeting, and after inquiring about it, a colleague happened to be in the county. He helped to pull it, just right, I didn’t want to go.

colorful life

Village Office

I came to the village for a meeting, the team leader was having a meeting with the party secretary, and the clerks and I were engaged in business. The monitoring households I pulled a few days ago now have to prepare programmer materials. The procedural materials are very troublesome, and one household needs more than a dozen items. However, it is worthwhile to help these poor households.

Life is colorful and depends on how we live it, doesn’t it?

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