Commemorating the 999th day of the birth of this blog

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In the evening when I should have written a topic, I opened my blog by Moyu and saw the number 999.

If I go back to 999 days ago, I hope that time can stop, at least it is better than going the road of no return.

But now that it’s written, let’s just talk about it.

Think back to the 999 days before

This blog was not born out of my will, but as a product of homework on the github page. And after several changes to the original theme, it has become what it is now.

At first, I took the homework requirements of writing web pages as the requirements for building a blog, and wrote a few sentences with simple html and hung it up. This may be what this blog originally looked like. In less than an hour, I found the original theme for this blog, Jalpc , from the jekyll theme.

I was still a fresher at the time, so I was able to blog very few technical articles. So in the jalpc era, blogs were largely used for rectification. That is, at this time, the biggest role of this blog is to do English homework. The assignment requirement is to design an app that helps foreigners learn English. So I wrote a front-end on the mobile terminal, directed the page directly to my blog, and used the blog’s own comment function to create a forum.

At the end of 2019, with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), a semester-long home-based online class life began. For someone like me who is accustomed to staying at home during the holidays, living at home during this epidemic is still too long.

At that time, you don’t even need to think about getting up and having a few minutes to go to class. I slept in the morning class, arrived 7 minutes late and failed to sign in. The limit found a reason for the poor network and put it off.

At that time, it was completely legal to fish in class, with zoom on the left and bilibili on the right.

At that time, after class at night, I went downstairs to find a nightclub for a meal.

It was also that time, the most idle time.

So on the 116th day, I learned about the theme of wu-kan by wandering around the jekyll theme, so I had the prototype of this blog theme.

In 2020, my CTF career is on a rapid upward trajectory. In that year, I joined V&N, got 3w by picking up leaks, and caught up with the increasing difficulty of libc2.29 piles of questions. So blog output is also very large, accounting for 76% (30/39) of blog posts. After entering 2021, my enthusiasm for blogging is not as high as before, and I gradually turned to writing in the direction of Life.

When I was chatting with phuker , a graduate student of our school, I found that his blog uses the python framework. In addition, I was more interested in the front-end at that time, so the idea of ​​changing the framework was born. After a comprehensive inspection of each framework, I found that html+css is the best. Therefore, the theme of this blog is retained, and the method of embedding html in this blog is studied, so as to realize the realization from the bottom. Autonomous and controllable Customize yourself. One of the reorganizations can be seen in this site ‘s daily encounter with three dangers II .

Later, in the face of the pressure of further studies, I did not pay attention to the update and maintenance of the blog. There has been no major action.

The next 999 days?

One of the many reasons for not updating much is that some articles are unreadable even if they are written on their own. I’ve also been thinking about what exactly blogging is about.

First of all, as an independent Chinese blog, about technology, it has its own nature of notes. Therefore, as a science and engineering student, it is difficult for me to say some suitable words when writing articles, and my skills are not very good, so it is always difficult to hold an article. Helpless, I could only reluctantly organize some more notes and send them out to show the way for the latecomers.

That is to say, the blog must be posted for others to see . If you just write notes, just write on onenote. If you are writing an essay, write it in a journal. Why post on a blog? It must be for others to see. This also gave me an invisible pressure, “what if I say something wrong”. So every time I write an article, I have this central idea in mind, for fear that others will scold me in the face when they see it. Think twice about what you should say, think twice about what you don’t say, and add it later. Gotta package your notes as if the service fee was enough.

Fortunately, I am a rather confused person, and my words have no depth and will not be laughable.

In the next time, I don’t know if I can make a breakthrough, or make my words more proficient, or write my notes more advanced.

Anyhow, I’m definitely leaving something useful on the blog, but not right now.

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