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When I read the online novel “The Diary of a Black Belly Three No Girls” earlier, I mentioned the comic “Fingertip Milk Tea”. Although I have always wanted to watch it, it is difficult to collect and store it locally due to the type of work (manga), so I really read it in one go while taking advantage of today’s Saturday break. Compared with the previous galgame “Etiquette of a Girl in the Near Moon”, Asahi Ogura, and Shuichi Xiaotiao of the animation “Boy Boy”, Yuki is not so kind, but has the same degree of cuteness, but this is enough, boy paper Anything as long as it’s cute! Is not it?



It basically tells the story of a complicated relationship between Yuki and her childhood sweetheart and classmates in the school after an accidental women’s dress, which contains a lot of strange elements. . Introduction to the borrowed book: “”Fingertip Milk Tea”, also known as “Youth Crush”, is a film that includes women’s clothing addiction, young tame dyeing, campus love, lily, pseudo-lily, lolicon, royal sister, sister and brother impure, neighbors Uncle, and alternative comics with many themes such as collarbone control.”


main character

  • Yuki: Boys who like women’s clothing, do whatever they think of, but their ideas are a bit extreme. Like Jia Baoyu, he has the same idea of ​​”girls are made of water, boys are made of mud”, and believes that girls are pure and flawless, and based on the image of women’s clothing, he created Xiaoxue’s personality as a girl. But from beginning to end, he is not an mtf, but a boy of his own who likes women’s clothing.
  • Xiaoxue: An idealized female image, no one will hate her, somewhat similar to the image of Anima in the hearts of men
  • Xiao Zuo: A childhood sweetheart two years younger, the relationship with Yuki was more like a father-daughter relationship at first, but then gradually grew (in various senses) and independent, and the active relationship with Yuki was reversed, and finally with Yuki. Yuki joined together. After witnessing the two closest people Yuki (Yumi) and her father (Yomi) abandoning her, she once thought of suicide, but she was fortunately saved by Kagami. At that time, the girl suddenly grew up.
  • Mizuho: Because of the women’s active dating, she opened her heart to Yuki, and then fell into her relationship with him, and even had a Stockholm complex. After two emotional breakdowns, he finally separated from Yuki.
  • Kagami: Xiao Zuo’s classmates are in love with Xiao Zuo, but have not really responded. It’s a bit like Tomoyo in Cardcaptor Sakura’s works, always quietly supporting her behind her back.
  • Miki: Yuuki’s older sister often has some ambiguous behaviors. She likes Xiao Zuo’s father and hopes to replace Xiao Zuo’s late mother. She cannot accept Yuuki’s union with someone other than Xiao Zuo.
  • Wataru: Yuki’s best friend, fell in love with Koyuki at first sight. Even after knowing her true identity, she still remembered her and kissed Yuki.
  • Yuki’s father: As a child, he cheated and separated from Yuki’s mother. Basically, he was not at home to take care of the children. When he was a child, he often entrusted the children to the neighbors.
  • Xiaozuo’s mother: She died when she was a child, and she often took care of Xiaozuo and Yuki, who was regarded by Yuki as a perfect woman.
  • Camera shop owner: The culprit who opened Yuki women’s clothing

character diagram.drawio.svg

Growth process/mental journey

When I was a child, my father cheated and broke up with my mother, and I had a bad impression of men.
When I was in middle school, I accidentally replaced the model sister in a wedding dress to take photos, and I fell in love with such myself since then. – “That’s like magic”
Abandoned football after high school, unable to play women’s clothes for fear of knee and face injuries.
She thinks that the water is a beautiful girl, so when she can’t communicate with her through the identity of a boy, she communicates with her after she wears clothes, and she is seen through at a glance, but she also lets the water open her heart to her.
After Geng confessed to her, he said this: “Because I gave up other things for this, so if you want me, give up other things, so that we can communicate as equals.”
As the relationship with the water surface progresses, he hopes that the water surface can bring a wig to replace Xiaoxue, because if he is with the water surface, the male part will become stronger, and he can no longer have Xiaoxue, but the result leads to the first emotional collapse .
As he got older, he developed an Adam’s apple, began to change his voice, and began to have greater sexual desires. He hates the desire of the male part, and is also afraid that he will not be able to wear women’s clothes in the future, so he uses women’s clothes to escape reality, and uses the camera to take pictures like crazy, hoping to keep Xiaoxue’s existence.
At the end of the story, when Xiao Zuo said that he would continue to grow in the next five or ten years, he hoped that Xiao Zuo would be like this, but Xiao Zuo couldn’t understand it. He is very afraid of changes, whether it is that he gradually becomes unsuitable for women’s clothing, or whether he is worthy of her after Xiao Zuo grows up, he is afraid.



Reading this comic does have some resonance. For example, in high school, I also imitated the cute behavior of girls, although it is only a communication grammar on the Internet.
I also buy and wear some women’s clothing after work, although there are also cosplay costumes like kigurumi.
I also considered this after knowing the existence of mtf, but then gave up due to various practical reasons. In general, after getting in touch with some mtf, their image has changed a lot from the traditional cognition of the ladyboy.


It’s hard to imagine that, as the person who knows the dark side of Yuki’s heart the most, the water surface can never betray him.
For the sake of storytelling, there are many situations in the manga where he was interrupted when he was about to have a baby, including He Xiaozuo being interrupted by the water at Xiao Zuo’s house, and the water surface being bumped into by Miki at Yuki’s house (and Threatened to kill her next time)
Looking at the entire manga, Yuki is struggling with whether to give up women’s clothing for Xiao Zuo or Shui Mian, or to realize the ideal image of a girl in his mind. But in the early stage at most, it can be said to be indecisive, but it is indeed a bit of a radish in the back.


In the end, it was really abrupt, and Yuuki suddenly changed her mind and decided to cut off her relationship with the water surface and reunite with Xiao Zuo during the school trip.

the fun part

Wataru’s speech after seeing Yuki’s women’s clothing at the cultural festival (but he didn’t recognize it as Koyuki)


Two people’s school trip, I really want to die of laughter when I see this, they hurt each other


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