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After upgrading to macOS Ventura the day before yesterday, it was very difficult to use, and there were various bugs, so I downgraded back to macOS Monterey. Before downgrading, I wanted to use Time Machine to back up, but it prompted “insufficient space to back up”. I had no choice but to downgrade directly.


After successfully restoring to macOS Monterey and then backing up with Time Machine, it’s still the same. I started tossing around, looking for information, asking customer service, and communicating with customer service on the phone for a long time. The ordinary customer service at the beginning of 021 is outsourced, and the advanced customer service is Apple’s own. There are commissioners and managers, so they should be able to get in touch with the commissioners on the phone, but the one who handled my case stopped talking to her, it would be better to go directly to the engineering department to deal with this technical problem.

Get a few commands from advanced customer service:

tmutil thinlocalsnapshots / 999999999999999 4 ( probably so )

sudo defaults delete /Library/Preferences/

but invalid

tmutil listbackups|xargs basename -s .backup|tail -r|tail -n 3|xargs -I {} sudo tmutil delete -d /Volumes/TimeMachine/ -t {time} (this is provided by netizens, Volumes fill in SSD Name, fill in time in {}, the format is 20220531221002, the earliest 3 backups can be deleted)

The problem is still not solved after the above operation. After another two hours, the automatic backup is inexplicably automatic. It is really a toss and a waste of time. If you pursue a better experience, you should use paid software, such as Carbon Copy Cloner 6, or cloud backup Backblaze. Save time and cherish life.

In addition, if you feel that Time Machine’s local snapshots take up space, you can uncheck Time Machine’s “Auto Backup” option to delete local snapshots to free up space [1] . What a stupid setup from Apple!

BTW, I want to find a blog article before going to bed, the main idea is to improve the security of the blog and test whether the domain name is safe. After searching for a long time, I couldn’t find it. Although I was very sleepy, I didn’t go to bed until one o’clock. I should give up and go to bed. 😳

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