Continue to build the AIoT cooperation ecosystem, and the Beijing Station of the Megvii Enterprise Business Partner Conference was successfully held

On August 19, the Beijing Station of the 2022 Megvii Enterprise Business Partner Conference was successfully held. Following the Megvii Enterprise Business Partner Conference in April, the national regional partner event was officially launched. At the meeting, Megvii announced the latest progress in AIoT ecological construction and business implementation, and launched the “Thousand Sails Action” of the Regional Gold Service Provider Authorization Program and AIoT Ecological Partner Program.

740 Zhao Kang, Head of Megvii Enterprise Business Department

Zhao Kang, head of the business department of Megvii, said that the repeated epidemics have brought many uncertainties to the development of all walks of life, but the reality of policy dividends driving the digital transformation of the industry and the continuous growth of the AIoT market make it difficult to ignore the potential of the industrial space. Great opportunity. Since the beginning of this year, Megvii has joined hands with more than 100 partners to firmly lay out the digital track of enterprise space, focusing on core scenarios such as education, smart communities, safe production, and smart villages. The market development path of “scale replication” has jointly created more than 80 innovative scenario solutions, and pragmatically promoted the implementation of business. Megvii believes that beyond the sight, many sub-sectors still have broad development space, and Megvii is willing to join hands with partners to bravely step into the unfinished land and jointly expand the emerging market of digitalization.

Build a solid product base and create a digital space scenario solution

Enterprises have ushered in a new opportunity for digital transformation of “requiring efficiency from space”, and a large number of fragmented and intelligent application needs have been nurtured in public, office, commercial, production and other spaces. “Focus on scene needs, rely on algorithms to mass-produce algorithms quickly, select suitable hardware carriers to package into products, and create scene solutions with partners” is Megvii’s problem-solving idea to help industry customers seize transformation opportunities together with ecological partners.

740 Yang Mu, Co-founder of Megvii, Head of Production and Research of Enterprise Business Division

Yang Mu, the co-founder of Megvii and the head of production and research of the enterprise business department, said that Megvii is based on the core product concept of “algorithms define hardware”, defines algorithms according to industry needs, solidifies AI capabilities into hardware products, and creates “more abundant” intelligent hardware products with higher capabilities, higher performance, and more cost-effectiveness”, laying a solid product foundation for partners to innovate, and work together to meet the needs of massive and fragmented AIoT application scenarios. Among them, in terms of rapid algorithm production, Megvii’s self-developed one-stop algorithm production platform AIS (AI Service) has been able to support the training of more than 100 business models. higher than the industry average.

Consolidate the ecological construction of AIoT cooperation and jointly develop new opportunities in the era of AIoT

740 Rooting deep roots for the ecology and coexisting with partner spaces

To seize the development opportunities in the AIoT era, it is inseparable from the continuous construction of an open and prosperous cooperative ecosystem. Only by deeply understanding the business laws and demand scenarios of different industries can we truly help customers realize value.

Since Megvii recruited “AIoT ecological partners” nationwide, it has combined its own AI algorithm advantages, AIoT software and hardware integration advantages, AI talent reserve advantages with industry ISVs, regional ISVs, product solution providers, operators and other partners’ channel advantages. , integration advantages, and customer resource advantages. Based on digital perception products, Megvii has created 80+ scene innovation solutions with partners.

When the epidemic situation recurs, Megvii Shenxing epidemic prevention guards have opened up the epidemic prevention data interface of more than 20 provinces, and cooperated with partners to help resume work and production; in the field of safety production, Megvii worked with partners to explore industry needs and quickly launched the Megvii Rubik’s Cube industry. In the field of smart villages, Megvii cooperates with operators to realize the large-scale shipment of pan-family IPCs.

740 Qiao Liang, Marketing Director of Megvii Enterprise Business Division

At the meeting, Qiao Liang, head of the market of Megvii Enterprise Business Division, shared a series of key innovation scenarios worthy of attention, such as public space, campus space, production space, and sports space. Among them, in response to the problem of irregular movements in modern physical education and daily training, Megvii “Sports Ape” can use visual AI capabilities to empower the digitization and intelligence of the whole process of physical training and examinations, and realize correct and illegal movements recognition and examination score records. To information return, etc., it can greatly improve the efficiency of sports training and physical examination work, help people correct sports movements and realize the professionalization of training content.

Continue to empower partners Megvii to launch the “Thousand Sails Action”

In the past 4 months, Megvii has been working with partners to promote the AIoT ecological construction and has made initial progress. In order to further promote the construction of the partner ecosystem, Sang Ning, the head of business development of Megvii, announced the launch of the regional gold service provider authorization plan and the “Qianfan Action”, adhering to “joint innovation facing business scenarios, standardized resource support policies, replicable “Communication and Promotion Channels” strategy, gather the wisdom of partners, and create more innovative scenario solutions.

740 Sang Ning, Head of Business Development of Megvii Enterprises

More than 80 representatives of partners in North China gathered. The relevant business leaders of Weishijiajie Holdings Co., Ltd., China Qingsoft (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., and Chiyuan Technology Group Co., Ltd. attended the meeting as representatives of ecological partners and shared their cooperation experience with Megvii. In addition, the meeting will also recognize outstanding partners.

740 Four partners share

The AIoT industry has ushered in the golden decade. Adhering to the original intention and determination of “consensus, co-creation, sharing, and win-win”, Megvii is determined to join hands with ecological partners to continue to develop the enterprise-level market, and to do a good job in empowering enterprise customers to upgrade efficiency On the road, we will move forward steadily and with determination on the vast track of spatial digitization.

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