Convert to WebP with FFmpeg

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use case

 ffmpeg -i "t.jpg" -compression_level 0 -quality 80 -preset photo "[email protected]"


 for /f "tokens=1 delims=." %%a in ('dir /B *.png') do ffmpeg -y -i "%%a.png" -compression_level 0 -preset picture "%%a.webp" for /f "tokens=1 delims=." %%a in ('dir /B *.jpg') do ffmpeg -y -i "%%a.jpg" -compression_level 0 -preset picture "%%a.webp"

official documentation

 -lossless boolean Enables/Disables use of lossless mode. Default is 0. -compression_level integer For lossy, this is a quality/speed tradeoff. Higher values give better quality for a given size at the cost of increased encoding time. For lossless, this is a size/speed tradeoff. Higher values give smaller size at the cost of increased encoding time. More specifically, it controls the number of extra algorithms and compression tools used, and varies the combination of these tools. This maps to the method option in libwebp. The valid range is 0 to 6. Default is 4. -quality float For lossy encoding, this controls image quality. For lossless encoding, this controls the effort and time spent in compression. Range is 0 to 100. Default is 75. -preset type Configuration preset. This does some automatic settings based on the general type of the image. none Do not use a preset. default Use the encoder default. picture Digital picture, like portrait, inner shot photo Outdoor photograph, with natural lighting drawing Hand or line drawing, with high-contrast details icon Small-sized colorful images text Text-like

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