Convinced Cloud Hosting Cloud and China Communications Xinglu: “Entrust” the safety of freight in the palm of your hand

“Transparent and visible transportation process, safe and controllable transportation data” is the dream of every enterprise logistics department for its own digital transformation.

With the acceleration of the digital transformation of the logistics industry, a large number of enterprises have migrated to the cloud, and the logistics sector is no exception. The benefits of migrating to the cloud are becoming more and more clear: the efficiency of vehicle and cargo matching has been continuously improved, the rate of empty return trips has been continuously reduced, and the transportation process has become transparent and visible, all of which have greatly improved the operational efficiency of logistics. However, the “safety” issue of cloud migration still discourages many logistics personnel from cloud.

As a logistics supervisor, do you also have these cloud-based doubts:

Shipping data is placed on the cloud, is [Data Security] reliable? Will the shared resource pool on the cloud cause data leakage?

Without a strong technical team, the efficiency and stability of the cloud cannot keep up. How can [System Security] be guaranteed?

Going to the cloud also needs to consider compliance issues. Without professional security experts, will [Compliance and Security] be a headache?

In case of being bound after going to the cloud, it will be difficult to adopt other digital products and solutions. Isn’t it even possible to lose [operation security]?

As a leading domestic logistics technology and service platform enterprise, Beijing Zhongjiaoxinglu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongjiaoxinglu”) has been looking for partners to make logistics digital “simpler and safer”. Based on its own advantages such as exclusive controllability, safety and effectiveness, personal service, and ecological openness, Xinfu Cloud Hosting Cloud has reached an in-depth cooperation with China Jiaotong Xinglu, and the two parties have jointly provided users with “Xinfu Cloud Hosting Cloud-Network Freight Comprehensive Solution”. 740

↑ Joint Solutions

Strong alliances to consolidate the network freight security system

(1) The resources on the cloud are exclusive and controllable, and data security is guaranteed

Trust Cloud Hosting Cloud supports the physical level of resources on the cloud. Users can have independent and exclusive computing, storage and other resources to fully ensure the security of user data. On top of the secure underlying infrastructure, users can safely conduct multi-dimensional intelligent analysis of people, vehicles, enterprises and goods to provide precise marketing support for the after-car value-added market (oil and gas, insurance, finance, maintenance, shopping malls, etc.), and give full play to the role of technology in Advantages in logistics work.

(2) The professional operation and maintenance team provides personal service, and the system security is guaranteed

Trust Cloud Managed Cloud provides a dedicated service manager for each user, which can help users formulate cloud migration plans, perform cloud migration and medical examinations for free, and in most cases, can quickly respond to user needs within 5 minutes, and solve problems within 5 minutes. The closed-loop tracking process greatly reduces the basic operation and maintenance workload for users to go to the cloud.

(3) One-stop security service, compliance and security are guaranteed

Trust Cloud Hosting Cloud can provide a wealth of security capabilities and services, which can not only satisfy the user’s cloud security, but also provide a one-stop service ranging from grading assessment, filing procedures, construction and rectification, to guaranty evaluation, operation inspection and other links. Waiting for compliance services. In addition, the comprehensive solution can also help the logistics department manage the ticketing system, help the logistics department legally obtain individual driver transportation invoices, and reduce corporate tax risks.

(4) Built-in security capabilities, business security is guaranteed

Trust Cloud Hosting Cloud has built-in security capabilities, centered on the network freight platform business, continuously discovers application assets, adaptively enables and configures different security capabilities for different logistics businesses, and combines cloud, network, and terminal for unified detection of business threats. Analyze and use the unique mechanism on the cloud for disposal and bottom-up, and comprehensively ensure the continuous and safe operation of the business.

(5) Ecological opening, business security is guaranteed

Xinfu Cloud Hosting Cloud and Zhongjiaxing Road are open to cooperation with many freight ecosystems, which can provide users in different industries and regions with rich digital solutions, help logistics departments in various industries to improve the level of informatization, and realize business analysis and data-based decision-making, so as to further Cost reduction and efficiency increase.

At present, a variety of logistics SaaS products, as well as PaaS cloud products and industry solutions created by CCXing Road have been widely used in logistics enterprises, steel, coal, fast-moving consumer goods, insurance and other industries, contributing to China’s road freight and logistics ecosystem Cost reduction and efficiency increase.

In the future, CCXing Road and Xinfu Cloud Hosting Cloud will further integrate the advantages of both parties, and help China’s 11,102,800 operating trucks and 17,287,300 road freight practitioners behind them to improve their performance through the “Comprehensive Cloud Hosting Cloud-Network Freight Comprehensive Solution”. Operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, and create greater industrial value.

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