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When I was young, I tried cooking for the first time. I didn’t stick to Chinese and Western conventions, and it changed in every way. The food I made tasted different every time. Fortunately, it was not unpalatable, so I felt complacent as if I had broken the shackles by myself. However, as I get older, I only remember this past incident when I think about it occasionally. Now, even the meals made according to the recipes will bring some of my own style. This is probably what we call the taste of mothers. Well, presumably when they were young, they would also make some weird flavors, and our generation is not different.

PS Speaking of recipes, I watched a book called “À Table! ~Learning to cook with ancient recipes~” is a Japanese drama, the idea of ​​restoring recipes from historical materials is very interesting, but… I’m not sure if the finished product in the drama is delicious, and I want to try it when I have time.


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