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△ 241|Land of Clouds

There is a kingdom above the clouds, and those fleeting kingdoms make rain and storms for another, larger kingdom. No one can see the real existence of that country, before humans can’t learn to fly. Because whenever there is rain and white clouds blocking the sky, the rain and white clouds also make the best shelter for the country. People call this mysterious country the country of clouds. The Land of Clouds has different territories. They will suddenly appear in the air and be blown away by the wind. Each cloud represents a kingdom, the birth of each cloud represents the rise of a kingdom, and disappearing means that The cities of that kingdom were disintegrated and dissipated. People often envy the residents who live in the Land of Clouds. They have the ability to fly, and they also have order without disputes. Before the city is destroyed, they all become wandering nomads, drifting to another and still able to. Cultivating clouds.

But one day, there was an unprecedented disaster in the land of clouds, a black storm cloud representing the dictatorship swallowed up countless land of clouds, and they fought each other in the dark cloud. Lightning, thunder, storms, ice and snow… Countries and countries use their most proud magic to kill each other, and the storm tore apart one after another of the wonderful countries that people yearn for, and some clouds The country was split by dazzling lightning, and the war lasted for 3 days and 3 nights. This group of black clouds representing the war moved slowly between the heavens and the earth. The war gave it an indistinguishable appearance. Those clouds of defeat. The country has become a vassal of the storm, and the center of this huge country of black clouds is an incomparably tall hollow, people call it the Eye of Nightmare, wherever this huge country passes, it will pour downpours. They say it is the tears of the citizens of the Land of Clouds, who have gone through desperate wars and become subordinates of evil.

All the citizens left tears of pain, and when the last tear ran out, in an instant, the Kingdom of Clouds collapsed and disappeared into the sky, allowing the sun to diffuse into the sky again. Soon, a different country of clouds appeared in the sky.

——《∞》369|Land of Clouds

When humans have the ability to fly, the roaring monsters they make can cut through any cloud layer, and the country of clouds will no longer exist at that time. What lies above the clouds is no longer a secret. When the plane broke through the clouds, people saw that there was a continuous sea of ​​clouds above it, and that was the relic left by the country of clouds, their original farmland.

The Laputa in “Gulliver’s Travels” is one of the most detailed explanations of the Land of Clouds. Some people will doubt whether Gulliver’s Travels records the real world. This is not something that needs to be discussed today. After all, “if you haven’t seen it, you think it doesn’t exist” and “even if you have seen it but pretend to not see it, you can prove it doesn’t exist” have always been two commonly used ways of survival.

I used to love to write fables disguised as fairy tales, and it was one of the few ways in which I could confuse a story without logic and ambiguity. And fairy tales are the last thing that needs to be done to tell the story, but it can make people want to find the truth of the story. It does not need truth, logic, or even a strong sense of right and wrong, because Those readers who read fairy tales will automatically label the characters in fairy tales as right and wrong. Probably because most people are exposed to fairy tales at the age when they see the world with “right and wrong”.

However, reality is much crueler than fairy tales, but those who believe in the right and wrong crimes and punishments in fairy tales still maintain their expectations for fairy tales when they come to reality.

Recently, Liu Xiangfeng from the Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University was finally pulled from a dark corner to the top of the table. His behavior of using medical resources to make money has stimulated many adults living in the fairy tale world. They dare not imagine a life-saving person. A doctor can do such absurd and lifeless things in pursuit of profit. He is the clearest “villain” in fairy tales, doing all the bad things but failing to get the punishment he deserves in time. So you see, for a while, all the spearheads of public opinion will point at him, publicizing his crimes and punishing his sins. But have you ever thought that his existence is really just because he is a “black swan”? Or was he born in a “quagmire” that raised black swans?

Before Liu Xiangfeng, in fact, the Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University had made news once that the entire hospital system obtained medical insurance benefits by prescribing medicines illegally and placing inpatient beds for patients who did not need hospitalization. In other words, this secret rule has always existed, and now it’s just a witch who can be pushed to the stake in a “fairy tale”. His wickedness is already the weight that sinks to the bottom on one side of the balance of right and wrong, crime and punishment. At this moment, if you put any number of crimes against it on the other side, the balance will not change at all. Everyone’s eyes were drawn to Liu Xiangfeng’s head, so they also ignored what was on the other side of the balance. It was the evil of this “medicine-based” medical system, but people didn’t care, who is a fairy tale There will only be one nasty stepmother in the story!

Another realistic story is that people originally intended to use fairy tales to evaluate, but found that people did not believe in fairy tales at all.

Finland’s female president Marin has been caught up in the “Dancing Gate” incident recently. Photos and videos of her hosting a party in a government mansion outside of working days went viral. In the beginning, she was exposed by her and a group of other women holding a drunken party in the mansion, during which she also danced hotly in front of the camera.

After the video was exposed, she originally thought that there would be a wave of condemnation against the female president’s “indecent behavior”, but Ma Lin immediately came out and apologized and explained, “I am also a human being, with normal emotions and desires of people, and I host a party by myself. The time is not working time,” and she also took a drug test in time. Because her crisis public relations behavior was handled, she was not attacked by many people, but people began to sympathize and praise this female president with normal human lust.

Subsequently, the “inside story” about Ma Lin continued to be exposed. The second exposure was that she and another female friend kissed passionately after getting drunk. In fact, at this point, even smart people can see that this is obviously a secret reporter who has prepared a lot of cards to bring down the female president. Although he had a lot of cards in his hand, he played very badly in this game – the second revelation that he obviously hadn’t seriously thought about it, the first thought of slandering the female president was already wrong, because the female president’s Public statements and statements have aroused the favor of feminist activists in developed countries in the world. The second revelation used her to kiss other women, which is not exactly in the arms of LGBT+ rights activists. As a result, the second revelation did not cause any ripples at all.

Immediately after the third broke the news, it was a picture of a married female president who was too intimate with other men during a drunken party. As a result, when the third revelation came out, no one paid any attention to this matter anymore, thinking that it was just Ma Lin’s private life, that she was ambiguous with whomever was indecent, and that it was her husband who should be concerned, not the public. Make a trial decision.

Of course, people imagine that doctors are the holy beings in fairy tales, and they should save the dying and the common people, so their evil will be infinitely magnified by fairy tales; The prudent kingship, so when they are outside working hours, they are also the ordinary people who take off the crown. But in other words, if this “god” who was created by people in a fairy tale is placed in today’s Chinese society, then she is already a sinner who was thrown to death by stoning.

Laputa is actually a dictatorship, and the king of Laputa will order the “land of clouds” to suppress those rebellious countries on the land. Laputa will move to the top of the rebellious country, cutting off their sunshine and rain; if it fails, it will throw boulders from the land above the land of clouds and destroy the village and farmland; if there is still resistance, how can Laputa continue to resist? Will drop the country until the rebellious country is crushed to the ground.

On this day, Laputa encountered their arch-rival Lindain. Linda has studied the national structure of Laputa, so he built a lot of high towers in his city. The top of the towers is an indestructible spire, which can be directly pierced at the bottom of Laputa to maintain flight. diamond magnet. During the battle between Laputa and Lindain, because of Lindain’s unyielding resistance, Laputa had to use the previous suppression method. They decided to descend and crush Lindain’s city, but they did not expect to get on their own. The trap, the diamond magnet was destroyed, and the dynasty of Laputa changed.

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