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Long time no see friends!

The director guessed that many friends who love to read stories must have had a literary dream. After all, being a migrant worker is hard and tiring these days, who doesn’t want to do what they like? If it happens that this hobby can bring you income, so much the better.

The midsummer is approaching, and the director invites @Umah Hua Umbrella King to have a chat. What happened to those who resigned to write novels?

Born in Jilin in 1995, Umbrella Umbrella King (hereinafter referred to as Umbrella King, about this pseudonym, there is a secret at the end of the article~), the university is a Korean language department at Yanbian University, and after graduation, he went to a game company as a translator.

This seems to be a logical decision, but after working for a year, she chose to leave and came to Zhihu to engage in novel writing.

This is not new among today’s young people. After all, flexible employment, reorganization of the workplace, firing of bosses, chasing literary ideals, stunning the world, and thinking about it makes me very excited.

However, the reality is also very skinny.

Not all readers will buy into the novels written, especially if they meet serious people, they will criticize them directly. If the author is a glass-hearted person, maybe he will directly seal the pen.

Especially for the author of online articles, it is commonplace to be urged to do more, but what should I do if I have no inspiration, should I write hydrology to cope with readers?

The Umbrella King encountered all these problems, and she chose to “lie down” and “consume”. Umbrella Umbrella King’s Zhihu Homepage

Lie flat on the surface, but stick to yourself

Like many text creators, Umbrella King has been partial to subjects since he was a child. Courses such as Chinese and history have been lit up in his talent tree, while science and engineering subjects such as mathematics are not good at all.

As a natural liberal arts player, Umbrella King’s first work in his life should have been written in the sixth grade of elementary school, when he conceived a story about a group of crabs.

To the effect, it is about a group of crabs that are being transported to a restaurant, and they complain and complain a lot along the way.

At this time, Crab, the protagonist in Crab, stood up and said, “Are we going to accept our destiny like this?”

The other crabs asked back, “What else can we do? We’re all in cages.”

The protagonist Crab said: “We are crabs, we have crab claws, we can break the cage, and we can run together.”

Then these crabs ran to the street and were very conspicuous. The cats and dogs on the street said to the crabs, “You can’t walk sideways like this, it’s too conspicuous, and you will be caught soon.”

But the protagonist Crab said: “No, we are crabs, crabs, and we are born to walk sideways.”

Then they left sideways.

Although there are not too complicated details in this novel, the teacher appreciates it very much after reading it, and also gave the Umbrella King a lot of encouragement. Perhaps it is from this moment that the seeds of writing are planted.

And through this exercise, you can also see the character of Umbrella King – yearning for freedom and insisting on self.

But even so, after becoming a full-time author, Umbrella King was almost thrown into doubt by readers.

Umbrella King said: “I am very glass-hearted. I really can’t stand criticism. I am especially afraid of readers scolding me.”

Recently, Umbrella King received a private letter from a reader, saying that his recent works were not very satisfactory, and he was even directly evaluated as “out of standard”.

Umbrella King was also panicked at first, and went to ask friends and other authors in the circle. After asking around, she came to understand, “The works should be blooming, my works are not out of standard, they just don’t meet the requirements. It is only the expectations of individual readers, or the characters in my writing are not perfect and may have moral flaws, but it does not mean that he should be deprived of his right to be the protagonist.”

Therefore, when faced with doubts, Umbrella King accepts readers’ suggestions humbly without being shocked or humiliated, and then concentrates on lying flat.

After all, what will I write next time? “Are you teaching me what to do?”

Consume on the surface, but refuse to fool

In addition to being questioned by readers, there is nothing that writers are more afraid of than being exhausted. Especially for those who write online literature, once the article is not updated in time, readers will definitely come to “raise the knife and urge more”.

However, Umbrella King’s readers rarely urge updates, because everyone knows that Umbrella King is taking the line of inspirational creation, and even urging it is useless.

“It takes a long time for me to wait for an inspiration, but if the inspiration comes, I can conceive it very quickly, and as long as the inspiration comes, I can write anywhere.”

The inspiration that Umbrella King mentioned can sometimes be achieved by dreaming. According to her, one day she had a dream at two or three o’clock in the middle of the night, woke up in the middle of the night, and the sky was still dark. If I was awake, I would definitely not be able to think of it, so I got up and recorded this dream and used it as a material in future creations.

Umbrella King has no clear requirements for her daily creation. Unlike other online code word maniacs, how many words must be completed every day, she does not even have an outline, but purely relies on inspiration, and the main reason for lack of inspiration is not her own , but in the characters themselves.

“I think for me, maybe it’s because of my character that is slow, so if I’m running out of inspiration, my response is to waste. I need the person in the story to tell me what he wants to do. I always feel that the stories I write are not actually written by me, but written by the characters through me. Sometimes, he may not want to tell you what he wants to do at this time, so what can I do? ?”

This is a master! This view sounds too mysterious to be refuted.

The reason why Umbrella King thinks this way is because the readers have given her tolerance and patience, which makes her feel that she cannot fool the readers.

“I often publish a manuscript for a few months, but there are very few people urging me. So I think I should show the same patience to face my work. If there is a day, I will stop listening to these characters. It’s the voice of the market, but I write according to the market standards, one article in three days, one article in five days, if I write like that. I think that gradually I will also wear away the readers’ trust in me, and then it will completely change. supply and demand. My work may suddenly become a commodity to them. Then, to them, I may suddenly become a person eager to make their money. If that is the case, I think it’s worth it.”

Su Tong is true love, Ma Boyong is a model

Whether it is lying flat or consuming, it can be seen that the author of Umbrella King has enough personality.

And the more surprising thing is yet to come.

As an online writer specializing in romance works, King Umbrella usually asks “How to write a story starting with the eldest princess’ power and power?” “How to use him to marry me and give me a phoenix crown, but I never thought of it. Breaking the promise to start writing an abuse article that is not abused for abuse?”

This kind of Zhihu issue is very active, and many readers will label her articles with labels such as Xiaotianwen and Xiaojuwen.

But Umbrella King’s own daily reading and dabbling is not completely caught in the world of online literature. Occasionally, she will post some reading thoughts on Zhihu, leading everyone to read famous masterpieces together.

When asked which writers Umbrella King likes to read besides his daily writing, Umbrella King answered the mainstream traditional writers such as Su Tong, Yu Hua, and Liang Shiqiu.

It’s not that she never thought of developing in the direction of serious literature, but she feels that her life experience is still relatively shallow, and she can’t write too heavy things. And she also doesn’t agree that to be a classic literature, it must be heavy and condescending. For example, Ma Boyong’s works can be serious and interesting at the same time. This is also a writer she likes very much.

But what she doesn’t like is miserable. Often becomes her villain!

Umbrella King has always emphasized that no matter what you do or write, it must be based on practice. This is just like many people say that writing should follow a certain logic, and this logic is real life experience.

Once she came home and saw that her mother was preparing to steam crabs. Although those crabs had tongs, they were all tied up with ropes. The tongs were useless at all, and they were not as witty and powerful as the novels she wrote in elementary school.

The Umbrella King now understands that no matter what point of view you want to express, you must first experience it yourself before you can stand firm, “It’s not that you watched a talk show or a quirky talk, and you thought someone said it was really good, you just put it on. Spread this as your own point of view, but it may not be suitable for you.”

The same is true for love. Although Umbrella King’s novels have shaped all kinds of love-hate entanglements, they are rarely preachy. When readers ask themselves questions about love, she will not directly use her own experience to make suggestions.

She made an analogy, “As a woman, if she has been deceived by love, she will definitely tell you to be cautious in love. But if a person misses true love because of her cowardice, then she will definitely tell you that love is about moving forward. Which of these two views of love is correct? Actually, there is no problem.”

The Umbrella King does not believe in the so-called concept of love. Because there is no uniform standard, everyone’s view of love is different, just like everyone’s writing style and writing style are also different, but the important thing is that you choose a relationship, it must be because you are in a certain The state of the stage is not bad, you have the courage and ability to start a relationship, and you will become more full and confident because of this relationship.

Therefore, she often advises readers who are emotionally confused: Love others and love yourself more.

PS: Umbrella King’s pseudonym revealed

Readers who have read the work “Seeing the Deer” must be familiar with the author of “Ugly and Cute and Hungry But Fat”. In fact, “Ugly and Cute, Hungry but Fat” is “Umbrella King”.

Back then, when Umbrella King registered on Zhihu, his WeChat nickname was synchronized, so the pen name he first used was “ugly, cute, hungry, but fat”, but over time, some readers noticed that they called the author A Chou and A Fei, The Umbrella King didn’t think it sounded good, so he took up his current pseudonym again.

Her ideal life has always been to think that people should wear a flower on their head, and then go to the deep mountains and old forest to be a savage. However, it seems that the king of the mountain is not very suitable for a girl, so he simply used a homophonic stem, so there is today’s Umbrella Umbrella King~

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