Cutout vs. Go Back

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@zhusee2 :

Cutout (X)

go back (O)

Obviously there is a common vocabulary that has been practiced in Taiwan for many years

Why can’t you speak well?

@terrylchen :

It’s so weird, what I know about cutout is “co(py) image” (copy image file).

@imonimaru :

In fact, the context is in line with the way of removing the back of mobile devices, using fingers to pick and pick.

Of course. However, before the advent of the mobile era, we have called it “cutting”. Perhaps the way of manipulating the cursor to draw a dotted line around the cropped object is more like cutting something.

@jasperhjh :

The cutout feels like if something bad in the picture needs to be cut out, will it ooze pus?

There is no doubt about the unpleasantness of the cutout.

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