Cyrus responds to AITO asking the world to cut prices: it will affect the gross profit margin of bicycles


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This morning, #HUAWEI Wenjie Automobile Price Reduction#, the starting price of the Wenjie M5EV was adjusted to 259,800 yuan, and the starting price of the Wenjie M7 Comfort Edition was adjusted to 289,800 yuan. A reporter from Southern Finance and Economics contacted the investor relations department of Cyrus as an investor. As for how to ensure profits after the price cut, the relevant person said that this is actually a matter of volume and price balance. We also hope that after occupying the market, we will consider the profit issue from the perspective of quantity. As for the drop in profit margin after the price cut, the person said that it is impossible to accurately measure the impact of the overall profit margin from two aspects of quantity and price. As for the gross profit rate of bicycles, the person said that it will definitely have an impact, but whether the overall hedging can be done or not depends on the overall market performance. Just looking at the gross profit rate of bicycles cannot see the overall macro market structure. Cyrus opened slightly up less than 1% in the morning.

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