Dago Bio completed $22 million in Series A financing

Dage Bio is a molecular glue targeted protein degradation technology and new drug developer. Starting from a new chemical skeleton discovered by Professor Cang Yong’s laboratory, it has created Lenalidomide, which is commonly used with other molecular glue companies. A unique compound library different from Pomalidomide derivatives, and through the company’s continuous exploration and data accumulation, the number of compound libraries and the diversity of parent nuclei have been expanded, and patent protection has been formed. Recently completed a $22 million Series A financing. This round of financing was led by Mifang Health Fund, followed by Deyi Capital, BV Baidu Ventures and Xinhang Capital. Seed round shareholders Kaifeng Venture Capital and Yuansheng Venture Capital continued to support. The raised funds will be used to promote the company’s innovative drug research and development pipeline products, and to further develop the company’s unique molecular glue protein degradation drug technology platform.

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