daily routine in august

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This month, I spend more time going out to play, shopping and eating, which can be regarded as relieving the pressure and fatigue accumulated before.

Mainly at the beginning of the month, my body is a bit poor. It is estimated that it is because I am too addicted to exercise and neglect my physical fatigue. In addition, the weather is too hot, and my body functions are affected and it is easier to accumulate fatigue than usual. In short, in those days, the whole person was easy to be in a trance, and one morning when wearing the invisible, it was even reversed. My eyes were more than 100 degrees apart, as well as the difference in astigmatism and radian. Although I found that I adjusted it before going out in time, it still caused me to feel a little dizzy that day. I thought about it for a long time and couldn’t figure out whether it was the wrong one in the morning or the wrong one when I picked it up the night before. Then that day, I was too distracted at work, and I twisted my left hand… Well, it’s quite filthy.

So I decided to give my body a good rest, and I couldn’t do some exercises because my main hand was twisted. The combination of work and rest is really important! For the whole month of August, I gave myself a vacation. The weather was really hot, and in July, I was busy with work, and it was indeed a bit overloaded. A good rest is also very important!

But in the second half of the month, I don’t know what happened, and the temperature suddenly dropped. The hottest time at noon is in the early 30s, and it is less than 30 degrees at night, which is comfortable. At the end of the month, it will be around 30 degrees during the day and occasionally less than 30 degrees. At night, I feel a little cold when I sleep. Autumn is here, hahaha!

In the middle of the month, I had a dinner with a family of eight. Xiaopopo has grown up. Although he is still shy, he is more courageous than before. After eating a meal, I dared to high-five with Brother 9! It’s no longer that little baby who bursts into tears when he sees someone he doesn’t know well (。ì _ í。)

0814-1.jpg @Old room Kobe store

The restaurant recommended by Bakou, the door is very Chinese, and it becomes more Chinese after entering. There is also a small courtyard with a pond, which is very good.

The following is the lunch set we ate, the content is quite rich, although the amount of each is not much, but there are many kinds!


I tried the hat mentioned in the previous log by the way that day, after all @𝑭𝒐𝒏𝒈 classmates asked me to take a photo by name. I am a blogger who can respond to every request within a reasonable range, so I took it (absolutely not because I am smug>_<)


Then because I used the newly bought eyeshadow to do a very scheming makeup that day, I took a few close-ups (。ì _ í。)

I went out shopping with my friends, bought all the cosmetics I had saved for planting grass (the last log was posted), and bought some other…

0818-1.jpg Left: BB23-AG561-70
Right: MI23-AG032-52

First of all, these two bags… The yellow one was bought at a store selling Issey Miyake’s clothes, and the other one had a longer strap, but I didn’t have a color that I liked, so I bought this one. In fact, green is also very beautiful. After tangled, I bought yellow, but I like it very much. When the weather is cooler, go to the store to have a look, then you can buy a darker one.

Then I went shopping this time because I wanted to buy a light-colored bag, but after buying this yellow bag, I was actually very satisfied. As a result, my friend said that I should go to Issey Miyake on the 1st floor to have a look, so I went…and…I bought the aqua blue on the left! ! ! Originally, only light gray was placed on the counter. Although it looked good, I was not very interested in the small yellow bags. As a result, my friend asked a lot about other colors, and then the cabinet sister took out this aqua blue from the drawer… This color is so beautiful, it is still a limited cabinet sister who said that there are not many, I can’t bear it live >_<

In fact, today I also took a fancy to a perfume, if it hadn’t been released yet…


Then I also bought a parasol, which broke after years of use. In fact, the newly bought one is for both rain and shine, but I plan to use it for shade. How can such a beautiful umbrella be used to cover the rain?

My requirements for parasols are to fold the umbrella, to have a coating or dark color, and to have a simpler design. Because this umbrella has a coating, I chose a lighter green color that I like. Although it is a bit expensive, I don’t feel bad when I think it can be used for a long time (≧▽≦)

After that, I asked Brother 9 to guess how much this umbrella was, and he started guessing at 3,000 yen and it got cheaper… I decided I should not tell him that I spent 15,000 yen >_<


How happy is it to have a friend who loves to go out and will bring you a small gift after playing! ! ! Before the Bon Festival, my friends went to Kyushu to play, and all they brought back were KUMAMON super cute! ! ! And the small cake is also super delicious, I love it (。ì _ í。)

empty bottles


  • Mandan Eye and Lip Remover : This bottle of eye and lip remover was given to me by someone else, so there is no purchase record. I really used a lot of bottles many years ago, and the things are really cheap and easy to use, but I am tired of using them.

  • CPB Makeup Remover : A very useful bottle of make-up remover, unfortunately discontinued…

  • Avène Big Spray : I just said that one bottle a month is not a problem in summer! A lot of consumption every year haha!

  • d program spray : I bought it back this spring to resist pollen, although my skin is not allergic to pollen… However, the pollen this spring is not strong, and it passed without any feeling. But my skin seems to be a lot more sensitive this year than in previous years, and I spend more time on my body than my face.

  • Red Kidney : The 3 bottles of 2 Generation Red Kidney 100ml that I stocked up before have finally been used up! ! ! Will not repurchase for the time being, try other brands. But the red kidney is my bottom line, if it doesn’t work well, I will use it again!

  • Snowflake Cake Limited Hand Cream : This was given by Snowflake Cake last year, and it really works pretty well. Smells nice and moisturizing just right. It is a pity that it is not for sale. If it is made into a product, I will spend money.

  • Wakotang lip balm : I used up another one! make persistent efforts!

  • RapidLash Eyelash Growth Fluid : Routine empty bottle, continue to repurchase.

  • CANMAKE Eyeliner Pencil Dark Brown : This is the 13th dark brown I have used up, and the last one in my hand. I will not repurchase it for the time being. The reason is that it is inconvenient to buy in the store where I work now… Otherwise, I will definitely choose to cut the girl for the repurchase of my eyeliner gel pen, which is cheap and easy to use!

  • LAURA MERCIER loose powder : It is said that the loose powder can be used as a family heirloom. I used it in 5 months, less than half a year! It can be used as a family heirloom! The thing is very useful, I will repurchase if I choose this price.

  • KANEBO eyelash curler : I checked it and found that it has been used for almost a year… With the replacement core, I have used a rubber core for almost 4 months, which is not desirable! I said how to use it and finally feel that it is not easy to use… The replacement core has to be replaced if it is really dirty! ! ! Otherwise, it will damage the eyelashes a lot! ! !

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