dancing on the shore

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“Dancing on the Shore” in 1900 was one of 22 paintings in the group “The Ribbon of Life”. The term was coined by Munch to describe a series of paintings in the 1890s about love, disease and death. Notable works are The Scream, The Virgin Mary, The Vampire, Anxiety, The Melancholy and a few others (you can find them in our archive). : )

In this work we see the image of dancing girls, they are the center of the picture. Two other widows in black were watching them. The lonely woman in red on the far side symbolizes the age when erotic power reaches its peak. The cycle of life is presented in broad coloured lines dividing the space into colourful stripes.

We would like to thank the Prague National Gallery for sharing today’s work with us.

Side note: Learn more about Munch’s monumental work , The Ribbon of Life . : )

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95.5 x 98.5 cm


Národní galerie Praha

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