days without end

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Unconsciously, it has been two months since I came to Shanghai, and it has been a month and a half since I started my internship.

Suddenly, time flies so fast, but so slow. It has been almost a month since the community was closed. I don’t even know I’ve made it this far. But the future is still unknown. No one knows when the lockdown will be lifted. People in the community are diagnosed every day. People from Xiaoyang who pull away a car and a car wake up every day to reset for 14 days, even if they don’t even have a “beginning”. Dare to do this. I have a nucleic acid test every other day, and I don’t know if the next positive person will be me. Living in such an environment every day, I have to worry about being pulled away and think about how to live in the next days.

In the past few days, countless magical things have happened in Shanghai. In the past, I told others that no one would believe that this first-tier city can do so badly. Even in a peaceful age, they have to worry about not being able to eat or buy food. What I want, in order not to starve to death, I can only eat sky-high food.

This kind of thing lasted for a month, and gradually with the opening of logistics, it seems to have improved a little, but now I can only hope that this last straw can survive and suppress those selling high-priced vegetables. Now, it is so difficult to eat a good meal.

The days of internship, at home, are really tasteless, and these days have been more than a month. I almost forgot what my coworkers looked like. Although it is relatively free, it is also unspeakably uncomfortable. Working from home has long lost the concept of time, and it is really uncomfortable to be on call at any time. The extremely low work efficiency makes the already saturated work even more endless.

Today I am saying again, it was a mistake to come to Shanghai. Since I decided to go to Ants last year, I have been taking the wrong steps step by step, from Ants to Xiaohongshu, a road of no return, and what can I really learn As for technology, there is no, not even as good as my first internship in the startup company, and I really want to go back now, but unfortunately there is no way out.

Living like this every day seems to have no end. sad.

After the epidemic, I really want to escape from Shanghai.

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