Decoration diary (4) Various installations

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After the basic hardware installation was completed some time ago, work was suspended for a month due to the epidemic. Finally, after June 6, Beijing began to gradually resume the decoration, and then entered the stage of various installations, but after making an appointment for installation, it was found that many installations The time has been scheduled for a week later, because all the decoration people are waiting for the installation, so make an appointment, measure, and contact each manufacturer during the installation.
Gradually installed radiators, broadband, gas water heaters, lamps, toilets, shower rooms, bathroom cabinets, floors…
In these 2 weeks, the house has changed a lot,
Next is the installation of drying racks, Huawei Q6 routers, beds, dining tables, TV cabinets, custom furniture, hoods, stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.
Most installations are expected to be complete by this time next week.

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