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In fact, I haven’t tossed the computer for a long time, and now I reinstall the system, and it can be done smoothly through the recovery function that is brought by the window. I haven’t done a complete system installation with a U disk, in fact, for a long time.

The main reason for this toss is to change the language of windows to English, because of the needs of children going to school. But mine is the home version, which can only support a single language. So to support English, the easiest way is to upgrade to pro.

I tried to search outside and found a so-called license for win10 pro. Unfortunately, after I changed the key, it was prompted that mine was not activated. At this time, I think there is no way to go back. I have a backup of the previous key, but also Useless. Through the recovery function, it is actually useless, or the pro version is displayed, and it is not activated.

At this time, go to the official dell, download a tool, and make a U disk. I actually operate it on this dell computer, which is very convenient. It automatically recognizes the service tag and puts it in the U disk, and you can make a U disk. system.

Today’s computers are all UEFI boot, security boot. One is from Intel, the other is from Microsoft. Since I took it, I haven’t installed the computer very much. The documents I saw are all turned off UEFI and Security boot.


Select UEFI, that is, the U disk, you can continue the installation, and the restart of the installation process does not need to worry, it will be done automatically.

In the setting stage, it needs to be connected to the Internet, automatically activated, and does not need to enter the previous license.

If you want to install an English version of the home version, you need to continue to verify.

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