depression is not a disease

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No one would think that a blind eye or a broken leg is a disease. The memory and scars of the injury tell us that it is an injury, not a disease. Because the damage is tangible.

But the hurt in the heart is invisible, and there are no visible scars after the heart is hurt, and it is even more difficult to express. As a result, the state of mental injury is regarded as a disease of the injured person, and this identification causes an additional injury: your depression is your own problem. The injured person is always exposed to an environment that keeps him injured, so the initial injury persists for a long time, and even new injuries are added to become more serious.

I see that behind the increasing prevalence of depression, our lives are becoming more and more difficult. Most people do not feel the meaning of life. Although the problem of food is basically solved, the three mountains of housing, education and medical care are overwhelming. How can such a social reality make people not depressed? Not to mention that under this kind of survival anxiety, people’s emotions are extraordinarily amplified, resulting in increasingly tense interpersonal relationships, so that there is what some people call “mutual harm at the bottom”. In other words, most of the seemingly individual and accidental misfortunes are actually the inevitable and specific manifestations of the diseases of the whole society and the whole era.

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