life is a game

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life is a game,

More realistic and exciting than other games,

So many people are addicted to it and can’t extricate themselves,

Can not calmly appreciate the pain and joy.

life is a game,

It is more flexible and more restrictive than other games.

we can do whatever we want,

No difficulty can hinder our departure.

we stay where we are,

Just because I didn’t think enough about it.

life is a game,

There is always an end.

I’ll be there when that day comes,

Laughing and typing “GG ( Good Game )”

———— End————

Why do you say that life is a game?

1. We use our mind to control the body and the pilot controls the mech in science fiction, the difference is that people can leave the mech, but the heart does not leave the body. The heart is connected with the five senses and the six consciousnesses, and controls the body through nerves, just like a driver controls a mech through sensors, built-in computers, and electrical signals. The mind controls the body, which is equivalent to the driver being fixed in the mecha. He can’t get out, and he can’t find the switch of the sensor, so he has to accept the feeling sent back by the mecha all the time.

2. We are immersed in the current life, as if we are fully immersed in the game, and our emotions are completely drawn by the game. We are happy or frustrated by the success or failure of the game, forgetting that we are playing a game. Once the game is over or less intense, we realize we are in the game. In life, when I start to think about life and reflect on my own life, I often feel a sense of detachment, as if everything doesn’t matter. I look down on my whole life and even the whole society from a detached perspective, run through the past, look into the future, and find that the only thing that really matters is the desire and love in my heart.

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