Diet and skin care experience in the first half of 2022

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About diet

Protein and carbohydrates should be sufficient for breakfast, but not enough carbohydrates, and lack of energy throughout the day. There are too many dishes for lunch. The amount of protein and carbohydrates should be appropriate.
After dinner + a cup of fruit yogurt or fruit milk, trace elements and vitamins are sufficient, and the spirit of waking up the next day is particularly good (fruit and milk are mixed and smashed, the absorption effect is better, it is completely a drinkable mask)

Nutrients are good – supplemented with trace elements & vitamins, can improve gray hair (I heard that adding biotin is better)
Calcium tablets – increase bone density, prevent osteoporosis, and make nails hard

About skin care

Morning Skin Care & Makeup
Cetaphil blue bottle cleanser, non-irritating, will not damage the skin barrier moisturizing water Covermark conditioning water, mild in nature, especially high comfort when the skin condition is bad Emulsion Fresh Water lily cream, suitable for summer, the skin is dry and comfortable after use, and has a calming effect. Ginza has a comfortable texture, with touch-up, concealer, and makes the complexion better Loose powder E flat cake & Ginza powder blush , CPB orange red is very energetic

Occasionally use the foundation CPB diamond light cream, light and natural, can improve skin texture but not show makeup

Perfume Hermès Nile Garden, fresh and decompressed, suitable for working days with Jo Malone wisteria and lavender, sweet and romantic for weekend dates

Night Cleansing & Skin Care Makeup Remover Covermark Cleansing Milk Fresh taste, mild and comfortable .

About sports

Exercise twice a week, blood circulation is improved, body and mind are adjusted, it is easier to keep a clear head during the day, and the skin will appear rosy and shiny.

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