Dividend off-season write-up

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June is the low season for the Mercury Bears’ dividends, and the dividends received are all a few yuan or a dozen yuan in the mini portfolio. It coincides with the relatively obvious decline in the stock market this month. It is inevitable that people will feel powerless and want to avoid it. The stock market, this is a common mentality of ordinary retail investors.

I read a news article before quoting a virus expert: Despite the increase in infections, the fatality rate from the disease has fallen, and many infections have even milder symptoms than flu patients.

However, the pertinent data analysis could not stop the overwhelming sense of panic at that time.

Mercury Bear thought, if there is one thing in the world that spreads faster than the virus, it is “the fear of the virus.”

In the same way, if there is one thing in the world that fluctuates faster than the stock market, it is the heart of the stock market.

In the investment world, most of the time, emotions will always prevail over reason. The losers will often blame the reasons for losing money on poor value investing, useless fundamentals, and ineffective dividend methods. However, the reasons for losing are those who cannot experience the bull and bear market baptism Often it is not the ability at the analytical level, but the lack of mentality, and the winners are often only a few people.

Taking feelings as an example, scumbags and scumbags have given everything except their sincerity. They suck, suck, suck, but there’s nothing wrong with pleasing technology. There is nothing wrong with martial arts itself, it is the people who practice martial arts who are wrong.

Although the passive salary in June is not good, there will be four main dividends in July, which will be the second best monthly income this year, so the motivation for saving shares is still full. Dividend income’s reassuring role in a moody market is one of the many reasons the Mercury Bears love it.

Let’s work together with our fellow dividend payers 🐻😘

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