Do cats have nine lives?

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A little friend who has been following me all the way should know that my house has caught a kitten and raised it on the roof, the purpose is to suppress the mice who have parties every night. The kittens who just arrived in the early days are not familiar with the environment and often hide from the cat, but the mice are afraid of cats. There is a cat in this place. There are indeed fewer mice, and the good times are not long. Love, jumped to the neighbor’s house and went downstairs through the door over there. Although I saw it downstairs several times and called it, I saw it stopped and looked at me for a long time, but I didn’t want to go upstairs with me and let it go.

Without the cat, the mice on the roof of the building resumed their usual hustle and bustle. The fruits and vegetables planted on the roof of the two families were often damaged, and even the neighbors were distressed…

At the beginning of the month, I saw an adult black male cat on the roof of my neighbor’s house. I saw that it didn’t matter if I let the children rub it and play with it. of.

After a period of observation, the cat has a gentle temperament towards people and children, but it catches mice at first sight. The roof of the building belongs to its jurisdiction, and it often stays upstairs in my house for the night. Children are also excited to see the cat. I can’t stop, I often use my turtle feed to feed the cat and eat it with gusto…

What happened the day before yesterday when I went to the top of the water to witness the miracle, my mother was working on the roof and my son was playing with the cat. Suddenly, the son said loudly to my mother: The cat fell, and my mother looked up and looked two or three times. Seconds later I heard a sound, bang! Then my mom yelled to the neighbors that his cat fell! When the neighbors found out, he calmly went down and picked up the cat. At that time, the cat wanted to jump from the guardrail on our side to the next door, and the distance in the middle was only 20 to 30 cm, but there were stainless steel pipes blocking it.

He fell from a seven-story building and came back unscathed. He could walk and run like nothing happened. It seems true that cats have nine lives in the legend.


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