Do not forget the original intention

Looking at the blog circle, I still feel uncomfortable, and I switched back to the default version, because the sign-in on the right side is not displayed, which is uncomfortable. However, I found that the home page was changed to this one in the background. It looks good, but the sign-in on the right side has to be hidden. , otherwise it’s too narrow, so I’ll change the fresh version in the end. Going around and back again.

Tomorrow we have to hold a publicity activity. This week is Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Week, and the day after tomorrow is the 14th National Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day. We have to hold a publicity activity, and because tomorrow is an event with a lot of people, I decided to hold an event tomorrow. This afternoon We started to prepare banners, and we have to occupy space early tomorrow, if it is late, people will occupy it and set up a booth. Do not forget the original intention

Well, after drinking for a while in the evening, the senior said a few heartfelt words to me, and I understand it myself. Don’t forget the original intention, the future will get better and better, I believe!

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