Do some people really have an IQ worth their fortune?

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△ 175|Do some people’s IQ really deserve their wealth?

If you visit V2EX, you can probably guess which post I am talking about. The story itself is not interesting to discuss, it just wants to express two things: one is “I am going to buy a house in Shanghai”, and the other is “I have more IQ than other rich people”. What is worth discussing is a common internal logic in this post.

In fact, similar discussions have often been seen before, and basically the perspective of “objective neutrality” is based on “it turns out that rich people do not necessarily have IQ” as the starting point. In fact, I have had doubts about this proposition since I was a child: why do I always discuss this topic, is it because this group of people cannot compare the wealth of others, so they can only use their “IQ” to crush each other in the end?

I have been a person who knows how to “comfort” others since I was a child, especially when I can’t find any reason for comfort, or to comfort those losers who are obviously not worthy of comfort. Especially good.

When I was young, there were many group games, and since it was a game, it was easy to win or lose. How to comfort those who obviously lost a mess, but also make them feel that they are the real winners, it has to be said that it is a kind of ability. For example, in a relay race, it is inevitable that there will be a situation where the baton falls behind. If this game is lost like this, the student who dropped the ball will definitely become the target of public criticism. To rescue the unprovoked sinner, we must find a brand new sinner—“At that time, the classmates in the next class stood up too much, which caused our class to drop out.” As long as a third-party sinner can be found correctly, then the internal conflicts can be resolved , then at this time, we will find a way to comfort – “If it wasn’t for their interference, we would definitely have won this game. The rhythm of the run is great.” If they don’t take this set, then add some flattery: “Their class is all elites, and our class randomly finds a few people to compete, and only a little behind them.”— – At that time, they probably didn’t know what Tian Ji meant by horse racing.

This kind of “comfort” seems to be two completely different propositions from “I have more IQ and brain than other rich people”, but the core is actually the same, it just depends on what angle you want to find, go to Compete with others to win or lose. If you can’t compare to being rich, then compare your IQ with others. As long as you don’t have a test report and don’t have that numerical report, anyone can say that he is the smart one, while others are real fools.

The Chinese have a way of doing things that they are not very willing to disclose to others (although many people use this method to do things) – it is better than the other. Simply put, it is to compare one’s own strengths with the weaknesses of others, and win paralysis in this way. If someone sees someone giving birth to a boy, and you give birth to a girl, then compare yourself to those who can’t have children; if someone is lonely and single and sees someone else getting married, compare it to those married and cheating families, and others are cuckolded , I don’t have to worry about being cuckolded by others.

And in my “comfort” method, most of the time, I have to use this method of “comparing to what’s less than what’s more”. Those who listen are happy, and those who speak are easy to deceive themselves. But sometimes there are dangers. For example, the more you listen, the more wrong it becomes. In the end, the person who said it still deceives himself and feels that his methods are extremely clever. At this time, instead of rushing to explain to the other party, I can hear that you put me Treat it as a fool to comfort, it is better to pretend to be foolish, and see who is the one who was deceived to the end.

Anyone who knows a little bit will find that these comforts are one-way logic, but people have always liked to argue right and wrong. For example, we take the longest part to compare the shortest part of others, and naturally, our shortest part is balanced with the longest part of others. Although there is no comparison, there will be an inexplicable comfort in everyone’s heart.

So when I was a child, I asked those people who used “the rich have a low IQ” to numb themselves: “Are the poor people with a high IQ?” -Why are you so rude, child.

So can I be polite and see that they have high IQs?

Obviously, there is an unavoidable loophole in the fun of Tian Ji’s horse racing – those “comforts” are one-way logic, and the reverse is no longer applicable, but everyone seems to be reluctant to face this existing loophole. .

“Rich people have low IQs.”

“Then if you don’t have money, will your IQ increase?”

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