Domestic and imported milk

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Because of the deep impression of the melamine incident many years ago, in addition to those big-headed dolls, the Guo Li case also made people angry. Therefore, after the baby was born, she never drank domestic milk powder and chose imported organic milk powder. Now that the baby is more than three years old, for convenience, she has switched from drinking milk powder to drinking pure milk, and generally chooses imported milk.

But sometimes I forget to buy it after drinking it, and I also choose domestic milk, usually Chenguang Hong Kong No. 1. Yesterday, my ex-wife asked me how much the milk Sam bought before, and I said sixty or seventy. She thought it was so cheap, she couldn’t believe it. Today I especially compared the quality and price of several imported and domestic milks.

brand calcium protein Packaging and Price price per liter
Sam Member’s Mark (Germany) 124mg 3.4g 1L * 6, 64.8 yuan 10.8 yuan
New Maiford (New Zealand) 130mg 4.0g 200mL * 30, 89 yuan 14.83 yuan
Chenguang Port No. 1 120mg 3.6g 200mL * 24, 80 yuan 16.67 yuan
Mengniu PURE MILK 100mg 3.2g 250mL * 24, 67 yuan 11.17 yuan
Mengniu Telunsu 120ml 3.6g 250mlL* 16, 53 yuan 13.25 yuan

In the table, calcium and protein are the content per 100mL of milk, and the price is the price of Sam’s Club and Tmall supermarket on that day. Because imported pure milk is basically UHT sterilized, pasteurized domestic fresh milk is not included in the comparison.

New Maifu milk, which has the highest protein and calcium content, is cheaper than No. 1 Supply Port. The lowest-priced Sam MM pure milk has higher calcium content than all domestic milk in the table, and its protein content exceeds that of Mengniu ordinary milk, and is slightly lower than that of Hong Kong No. 1 and Telunsu.

Maybe I have little knowledge, but I believe that the domestic milk commonly seen in supermarkets and online are these types. How domestic products treat Chinese people can be measured by themselves.

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