Don’t lie down, I have to do my creations seriously!

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Indecision, quantum mechanics.

In a video of director Lin Chao, he mentioned the very interesting word “sleep-fold duality”——

This characteristic is that you can’t win, and you can’t lie flat. If you want to stand at a 90-degree angle, you will find that it is too rolled. If you look at it, all good opportunities will not be your turn; if you want to lie at a 0-degree angle, you will find that you are too poor, and you will have financial freedom. Still a long way off; ended up only living at 45 degrees, but found it difficult to maintain that position.

Director Lin Chao ” If you don’t win the roll, you won’t lie down, how can you break it?”

The current social environment is not good (is it better?), and the vast majority of men, women and children are in a situation where they want to lie down but have no choice but to roll up.

lie down? or volume?

Regarding the issue of “work-life balance” that most people face and worry about, it can be said that I have gone through three stages so far-

Before April and May of this year, to be honest, I still didn’t have a deep sense of how work and life should be. I was full of chicken blood in stages at work, and intermittent psychological depression; Feeling a little guilty, anxious and stressed all the time – ever since I stepped into society.

I encountered some things in April and May, combined with my past personal experience, after thinking about the fundamental problems of life, I came to my senses——

To live is to wait for the end of life in a healthy way. Everything is nothing, nothing is meaningful and valuable, don’t look for meaning, don’t try to create value.

Farewell to Your Past Self” by Ole

After that, I calmed down mentally and listened to my inner voice. When I didn’t want to work but wanted to watch messy videos, I had no psychological pressure at all—what is “anxiety”? What is “mental exhaustion”?

Now that my mentality is flat, I haven’t written much code when I’m not at work in the past few months, except to solve the problems encountered in the use of work, and the ” anti-chaos ” system has hardly made any progress.

On the contrary, I use various channels, such as the company’s “intranet”, Xiaopozhan, WeChat, etc., to understand information and then observe human behavior, think and summarize some theories and verify them.

During this period, I watched a large number of videos on Xiaopo Station related to human origin, myths and legends, a hundred schools of thought, mysterious organizations, religion, history, physics, astronomy, life records, etc., which greatly supplemented and improved my three views. . I didn’t deliberately force myself to watch those videos, but at that moment I wanted to watch them, I just obeyed.

But now I suddenly realize that I just lie down mentally, and I haven’t been able to lie down physically for the time being; under the premise that there is no old age to chew on, as long as I don’t go to a temple to become a monk or go to a Taoist temple to become a Taoist priest, I have to do it for myself. With five buckets of rice folded, I have to consider the real problem of survival – I still have to work hard, and I still have to feel a little bit of pressure.

The above three stages, I think can be summed up as:

At the beginning of Zen meditation, mountains are mountains and waters are waters; when Zen is enlightened, mountains are not mountains, and waters are not waters; in meditation, mountains are still mountains, and waters are still waters.

Qingyuan Xingsi

If you can’t lie down, get up and continue rolling!

How to roll?

In most cases, work is against human nature, and there are many things that make you unhappy; if you have to face it, you can only find ways to reduce the factors that make you unhappy.

Many people have a serious misunderstanding about the concept of doing things – thinking that as long as you work hard and struggle, you will be rewarded in the end.

First of all, before continuing to develop in the direction of something itself, question and demonstrate the rationality and correctness of the thing itself and its premise. If it is unreasonable or wrong, efforts and struggles are useless. Not only is it wasted effort, but it can also add to the level of confusion in the event/state of affairs.

Secondly, don’t use brute force, but use skillful strength, use four taels to move a thousand pounds, that is, to find a “leverage solution”.

So, what is the so-called “leverage solution” when it comes to things like “work”? Leaving aside the details for the time being, in the general direction – engage in industries/fields that you like and are suitable for and are in the rising sun, and on this basis, adopt a path with as little cost as possible and as much benefit as possible.

To me, this “leverage solution” should be a creation that monetizes knowledge and capabilities mainly through digital means?

I have said it many times in articles or other channels before, and I have been doing it more persistently, but at this moment, my inner thoughts are more clear, certain, and firm, and I want to describe it in more detail here——

creative theme

My creations focus on the two themes of ” Oreliu Life Project ” and ” Anti-Chaos Front-End Project “. The format and scope of the content are:

  • Graphics and texts – based on systematic ideology and theory, when the time is ripe, it can be sorted and published/published as e-books and paper books;
  • Audio – chatting or interviewing on a podcast about a topic;
  • Video – daily life, travel, tourism and other life records, as well as technology sharing, tutorial explanations, etc.

These forms are very important to the “Olei Liu Life Project”. For the “Anti-Chaos Front-End Engineering”, providing enterprise-level web development solutions is the key point:

  • Fxxk Design – a cross-JS-based technology stack and cross-platform GUI development system aiming at “design as code”;
  • Future.js – a development system that standardizes and standardizes the communication between all levels and links of front-end applications with the goal of “demand is code”.

How to make money

In the accumulation stage, most of my creations are free and open, and I can sponsor/reward through Alipay, WeChat payment and other channels according to the mood of the audience.

However, it takes a lot of time and energy to produce high-quality content. It is not feasible to generate electricity from love alone, and it is impossible to continue high-quality creation. At that time, some means will be taken to realize it, such as:

  • For content quality rating, relatively high need to pay, which can be membership/fan system;
  • Customized services based on the “anti-chaos” system;
  • Consulting services related to human engineering, software engineering (mainly web development) or human engineering.

In addition to these, outsourcing or other forms of cooperation can also be accepted.

sustainable development

One of the reasons for writing this article is to solemnly declare that I am serious about the things mentioned above, and I really do it as a career. Please feel free to use it to solve the problems encountered.

But I also said that in order for these things to continue and develop well, my own love and enthusiasm are not enough to maintain them, and they need to be turned into real economic sources.

Therefore, if you like my creations, or if the solutions provided have exactly solved the problem, please also remunerate for the fruits of my labor – the financial support of consumers and the conscientiousness and responsibility of providers go hand in hand.

In addition to financial support, it is obviously impossible to rely on me alone for so many things, so I will also seek human help.

The first one is naturally the closest person around you – my family 🐷 ! She mainly helps me in content creation, including Chinese-English translation, audio and video post-production, promotion and operation, etc.

In terms of code development of web development solutions, it operates in the form of open source projects/organizations. When there are long-term and stable platinum and gold sponsors like Vue.js, you can consider paying to find remote full-time developers.


To a large extent, the roll is unavoidable, it depends on which dimension the roll is in, what posture to roll, and what shape to roll.

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