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The title is taken from Wang Shuo’s novel “Don’t Treat Me Like a Human”, because I suddenly re-understood this book. Although it has nothing to do with the plot, life always has to go through a “specific” period, to see the previous self from a perspective that was completely unimaginable before; even standing in a completely opposite character, looking at the present and the past , which is quite interesting.

Today’s story comes from real life, but I will try to write it less like it really happened – it seems to be exposed, and some of the content that was pretended to be real before was actually fabricated by me based on reality.

I don’t know if there is a similar legend circulating around you- that is, when a company suddenly decides to focus on attendance and management systems, it means that the company will run out of gas and is about to “collapse”. When I was still looking at it as an employee, I certainly liked this kind of arcane rule that “can have curses and prophecies on the company.” Usually at this time, many people will start to find another way out, job-hopping, quitting, the worst thing is to spend with the company, and then leave after the company can compensate them. Usually at this time, there will be a strange “wind direction” within the company. After all, most people believe in this “secret rule”, so they will more or less exchange intelligence information with each other to determine whether this storm will affect yourself.

The bigger the group, the more conflicting the company’s attendance and management system that suddenly began to tighten, probably because there were too many people who were conflicting, so they formed a kind of self that “everyone should persevere to the end” Consolation Creed – The company may be going out of business.

I can understand this emotion very well, because after all, many people choose to leave at this stage, so as to avoid becoming the last batch of people to be harvested. Of course, there are also those who will fight to the end, then the company will turn to the second step and let this group of people choose to leave – to deal with this group of company “seniors” in a way that destroys their dignity. At this time, the faces of the capitalists are vividly displayed.

The reason why such “mysterious rules” exist is probably because there is a group of people who need to be opposed to the company to ensure that their “vested interests” will not be destroyed, so they need to stay warm. When they become the ones to be harvested, they can also use the “actually the company is going to close down” to comfort the truth that they are out of the game.

Well, let’s discuss this matter from a different angle. Next, we have to think about what I have discussed as a non-personal perspective.

Have you ever thought about why the company suddenly started to tighten the attendance and management system? If you still stick to the perspective of “employees”, you will still think that the company will not be able to open, so you have to start reducing costs and forcing people to leave – in fact, those who hold this kind of thinking are half right, but It’s not that the company can’t go on, it’s that it intends to let people get out.

It is unfortunate to tell these “employees” who are still looking forward to the loss of jade and stone, that the company pays close attention to the attendance and management system, which seems to be aimed at everyone, like a bowl of water, but in fact – those “white people” with privileges “list” , they can still continue to enjoy the privileges they have obtained in secret – because they have this qualification; and those who have been classified as “blacklist” by the company are of course the target of the attendance management system that suddenly began to tighten – -Because they are the ones who will be eliminated. After all, everyone has to face. The passing of Fengguangguang can not only prevent the company from taking too many “losses”, but also make these people who choose to leave automatically feel that they will “win” in the end. It’s numb, they gave up the company themselves, not by the company; and those who can’t get the “whitelist” but may be included in the “blacklist” at any time, they will become attracted by the “blacklist” The object of the “intermediary”, if they have a sense of crisis and understand the mystery, then they are naturally the ones who follow the rules. If there is no sense of crisis, when the “blacklisted” people “win and leave”, they will automatically fill the space of these “blacklists”.

In fact, I can give these “middlemen” some advice that is not human: since you have a sense of crisis, you might as well find those who have been “blacklisted”, they must be the ones who strongly complain about these rules and regulations, It will even unite more people to boycott the “company”, because they are about to be replaced, then you might as well see what they did before, you can secretly learn their work content, when they are about to be eliminated, you With these learned abilities to interview with the boss, you can successfully replace the people in this “blacklist”, and you can also get the qualifications to enter the “whitelist”, of course, you also have the qualifications to get higher wages.

At this time, there may also be a situation: the “blacklist” suddenly finds out whether it has been targeted, and whether the company wants to use this method to force itself away. It doesn’t matter, I will teach you a method that is even less human. Since the “blacklist” already knows the root cause of the rules, so what, they still have to follow the rules of the game. This is the same as tying things with a tie. The more you adapt to the size of the tie, the more you feel aggrieved. They must abide by the rules to avoid obeying the other party’s wishes; once they loosen, the tie will be tightened again. A little bit, because the tie is a one-way channel – they are like “criminals” in the legal rules, in order to survive, they must find legal loopholes and gray areas of the rules, let them find these loopholes, and then You continue to fill these holes with new rules and regulations, and then continue to let them find – even if the “blacklist” realizes that there are still “whitelists” among these rules that do not need to follow the rules, but they can’t find anything that can The method of resistance – because they have to play by the rules of the game.

Try to think back, when your company suddenly began to tighten attendance and management, is there always a group of people who warmly huddled together, they openly clamored for the unreasonable rules and regulations of the company, if you are in this group, have you already What about leaving that job—because you were eliminated; you think it doesn’t matter, whether or not these rules are enforced does not conflict with what you do or not, then congratulations, you are not on the “black list”, of course you have to start Be vigilant, when the “blacklist” leaves, new people are always needed to fill these spaces; if you know these rules and regulations are only used to eliminate those unnecessary existences, then you are part of the “whitelist”. member.

If you are the maker of these rules, are you a fucking human being?

Oh, fortunately, I said at the beginning, don’t treat me like a human being.

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