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Image source: Visual China

Image source: Visual China

The local life track is changing again.

Titanium Media APP learned from Douyin on August 19 that and Douyin jointly announced a cooperation.

The two parties stated that they will work together to explore new scenarios for local life services, through high-quality content, rich commodities and efficient logistics and distribution, to deeply connect merchants and consumers, and to bring “see, click, and reach” in the video era. “A new experience of local life .

Based on the cooperation, will be based on the Douyin open platform, with mini-programs as the carrier, and together with Douyin, through rich product scenarios and technical capabilities, it will provide 600 million Douyin daily active users with content from content planting, online ordering to instant messaging. Delivery of local life services.

The two parties will jointly invest more innovative resources to support the development of local life businesses and better meet the immediate needs of consumers in urban life.

Regarding the cooperation between the two parties, Zhang Nan, CEO of Douyin Group, said that Douyin’s open platform is an important bridge for Douyin to connect partners and users. Douyin hopes to bring users more diverse information and products through cooperation with and service.

“We look forward to working with to help the life service industry explore video-based operations and help small and medium-sized businesses develop better. In the future, we also hope to open the platform through Douyin and work with more partners to create greater opportunities for users. value.” Zhang Nan said.

Yu Yongfu, CEO of Ali Local Life Service Company, said that the cooperation with Douyin is a new beginning. It is believed that this cooperation will further enhance the digital operation capabilities of merchants, bring consumers a new experience of local life services, and upgrade the entire industry. Development brings new space. Both parties will adhere to the concept of openness and win-win, and contribute to the construction of a healthier and more sustainable local living ecology.

Small, medium and micro enterprises are the capillaries of the national economy, and life service providers such as catering are also an important part of urban life. Both parties believe that this cooperation is an important step for the two parties to jointly explore the future and jointly meet the needs of merchants’ digital operation. It will also help small and medium-sized merchants to further improve their operational efficiency and contribute to the development of the real economy.

Based on the huge traffic advantage, the development of Douyin’s local life business has begun to take shape. It is reported that in January, the local life business of Douyin set a target of 40 billion yuan in GMV (gross merchandise transactions), and in February, the team raised this target to 50 billion yuan. However, due to factors such as the epidemic, the project has been adjusted.

Douyin’s local life business is mainly composed of group buying business in the categories of food, wine travel, medical beauty, cultural travel, etc. It also includes a back-end service system. In terms of operation mode, Douyin’s local life has broken the situation by being a direct-sale service provider in first- and second-tier cities and internet celebrity cities, and a service provider in third- and fourth-tier cities and suburban counties.

At present, Douyin’s key cities include Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou and other regions.

The announcement of cooperation with by the senior management of both parties is another important move made by Douyin in the local life track. The local life track has also become the next battlefield for short video platforms and businesses to develop.

On December 27 last year, Kuaishou and Meituan announced a strategic cooperation in connectivity. Based on the cooperation agreement between the two parties, Meituan will launch the Meituan applet on the Kuaishou open platform to provide Meituan merchants with complete service capabilities such as package, voucher, reservation and other commodity display, online transactions and after-sales service. Kuaishou users will be able to Direct group program.

The Meituan Mini Program has taken the lead in completing the pilot launch of the catering category. In addition, it is also launching multiple life service categories such as hotels, homestays, scenic spots, leisure and entertainment, beauty salons, and script killings.

Local life is also the cake that WeChat video accounts fancy, and video accounts have taken advantage of the WeChat ecosystem, including WeChat Pay to enter the game. At the same time, in June this year, Tencent Advertising and Tencent Marketing School also launched a related plan to help “local business video accounts light up growth”.

(This article was first published on Titanium Media APP, author | Li Chengcheng)

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