Douyin e-commerce will adjust operation director Li Tian to leave

It is reported that Douyin e-commerce will usher in adjustments. Following the resignation of Li Tian, ​​the head of Douyin e-commerce author commodity operations in June, Douyin e-commerce is accelerating the change in the situation of transitional binding of content traffic.

According to the report, Douyin e-commerce industry operations will be divided into two business lines, namely content business and shelf business. In the future, Douyin e-commerce will mainly be shopping malls and brands. Some insiders said that a series of adjustments and changes in Douyin e-commerce may have accelerated the departure of Li Tian, ​​the head of Douyin e-commerce author commodity operations.

Li Tian is a member of the Douyin start-up “Group of Seven” and was the head of Douyin operations. In May 2021, Li Tian joined ByteDance’s e-commerce department and participated in Douyin’s e-commerce operations, including live streaming and delivery operations Manage with talent. In terms of structure, Li Tian and Mu Qingping, the general manager of Douyin e-commerce operations, both report to Kang Zeyu, president of Douyin e-commerce.

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