Draw a circle on the southeast coast

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Draw a circle on the southeast coast

We have always talked about taking back the island of Taiwan, not the people on the island of Taiwan

No one wants to speak out for war, let alone fight in the same room. On the evening of August 2, before Pelosi landed on Taiwan Island, Hu Xijin came up with a plan for the PLA to accompany Pelosi’s plane. I thought that was the bottom line of the high-level. This battle is bound to be fought, and I am very anxious. If there is a war, in addition to going to the battlefield, it means donating military expenses. Half an hour after Pelosi landed, after the Xinhua News Agency released the PLA’s exercise plan around Taiwan Island, they couldn’t help shouting, “Amazing, Dayang, I don’t know how long our PLA has been waiting for a big opportunity like Pelosi’s visit.” . At this time, I want to understand three questions.

One is that we are not going to conflict with the United States, but to take back the island of Taiwan. After Pelosi leaves, it will be too late to clean up the Taiwan independence elements on the island of Taiwan. You can’t control the door and beat the children.

Second, we have always maintained that the island of Taiwan is an inalienable part of China, and there is no shortage of great rivers and mountains, but we have never said that the Taiwan independence elements on the island of Taiwan are Chinese compatriots.

Third, the rise of China is irreversible, and no one can stop it. Just like Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands in the age of navigation, Britain in the industrial revolution, and the United States in the electrical age, the road is long and unstoppable.

The rise of the new king, the old king is bound to obstruct it in every possible way. Taiwan is like China’s egg, and it is really painful to be pinched a few times… The circle drawn this time hides this egg to a certain extent. For this matter of great strategic significance, Lao Mei did not have an overreaction, and it could even be said that he did not react at all. Is it because Lao Wang is dying, or there is a bigger conspiracy, we need to wait and see, Taiwan will not return for a day, Dandan There is a possibility of being pinched at any time.

crime city

I recently watched Ma Dongxi’s “Criminal City” series. The two films are based on the 1990s, when the South Korean police cleared the Korean gangs in South Korea and China. There is nothing new in the story, just a few of the fight scenes. When it comes to meat, it is very enjoyable, which may be mainly due to Ma Dongxi’s professional skills. The Koreans are the official term for the Koreans living in the northeastern region of our country. We generally call them the Xians. In the era when South Korea’s light industry was transferred to Qingdao, Dalian and other places, the Xians generally acted as translators for the Koreans on the mainland, or Helping people manage factories, and later the domestic industry rose. Those Koreans who came to China to make a fortune lost their competitiveness and returned to South Korea. Most of the Koreans also returned to the three eastern provinces. At that time, South Korea’s economy was developed, and some ethnic Koreans smuggled to South Korea to work underworld and open small shops. Of course, some of them developed into gangsters, and even competed with Korean gangsters for territory for a time. This is also the background of the “Criminal City” series.


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