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In the past two months, there has been basically no precipitation in the local area, and the severe drought has caused local farmers to cry. As a blogger with an orangery at home, I am also worried. My parents are nagging all day long because the drought will affect my income this year. Seeing that the surrounding neighbors are fighting the drought and watering the fruit trees, our house also dried up. Others spend huge sums of money to buy water pumps and water pipes to pump water from a reservoir a kilometer away to fight drought, but I dare not do this. First, the cost is too high. After the investment, the follow-up usage rate is low and it is not cost-effective. In addition, I do not believe that there will be no precipitation for a long time. Facts have proved that my idea is correct, and I will talk about this later.

So how do I do it? I went to a friend and borrowed a pickup truck, a very small minivan with a cargo box in the back that wasn’t too small or too big. Our family bought water cans for drought resistance a few years ago, which is the kind of plastic similar to a round container. Put it in the cargo box of the small truck and simply fix it, you can drive it to pull water. In the past, there were agricultural tricycles that burned diesel fuel at home, but now they are gone. It seems that it is convenient to have such small trucks in rural households, and they can be used for pulling everything.

Such a small truck as pictured above. That is, this kind of small truck. When I am free, I drive it to the reservoir to pull water, and use it to fill all the pools, soil pits, etc. that can hold water in the house. Some friends may be curious to ask what is a dirt pit? It is to dig a hole in the ground, which can be large or small, and it can be used to hold water, or to grow lotus root and raise fish. Fruit farmers who plant fruit trees usually get some of these pits or ponds, and some even dig fish ponds around the orchard. When there is a shortage of water and drought, you can also pump water, and you can also pull water like me. In short, fill in the water, throw the pump in and connect the water pipe to water the fruit trees.

Just like these days, I have been working for several days recently, and I have done it when I have time, which basically solved the urgent need for fruit trees to lack water. But I often think that the ambient temperature is not good, the continuous high temperature does not rain, I am afraid that no matter how much water is used, it is futile, and the fruit trees can’t bear and die, and they can’t control it, it’s just to reduce the loss. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t believe in the drought going on forever. I really want to know what to expect. Just this afternoon and after dark, before I wrote this blog post, the local rain finally fell. The rainfall was not too small, and the temperature dropped in an instant. This rainfall is definitely worth the effect of watering by manpower for a week, which can be regarded as comforting the anxious mood of farmers and friends. Although the next few days are expected to be sunny and accompanied by high temperatures, the rain has been able to relieve and save most of the fruit trees.

Sad to say. So dry, when it rains, it comes and goes quickly. There are even more places that are dozens of kilometers away from us. I heard that there is freezing rain and hail, and the ground is like snow. Human beings are really insignificant in front of nature, and I am afraid that it is impossible to fight against the sky. When God does not reward them, the vast number of farmers and friends can only accept the reality and continue to work hard.

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