During the 40th collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping emphasized that we should improve the ability and level of promoting the “three non-corruption” as a whole, and comprehensively win the protracted battle against corruption.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 18. The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China conducted the 40th collective study on the afternoon of June 17 to promote the “Don’t Be Corrupt, Can’t Be Corrupt, and Don’t Want to Be Corrupted”. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, emphasized when presiding over the study that the fight against corruption is a major political struggle that affects people’s hearts and minds, and it is a major political struggle that cannot be lost and must not be lost. It is necessary to deepen the understanding of the construction of party conduct and clean government and the fight against corruption under the new situation, improve the ability and level of the integrated promotion of not being corrupt, not corrupt, and not wanting to be corrupt, so as to win the tough and protracted battle against corruption in an all-round way.

Liu Meipin, director of the Case Supervision and Management Office of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision and Administration Commission, explained this issue and put forward work suggestions. Comrades from the Political Bureau of the Central Committee listened carefully to the explanation and discussed it.

Xi Jinping delivered an important speech while presiding over the study. He emphasized that the courage to self-revolution is a distinctive character cultivated by the party’s century-old struggle. In various historical periods, the Party has insisted on being stricter than governing the Party. Entering a new era, we have put forward a series of new concepts, new ideas, and new strategies for advancing the fight against corruption. We have incorporated comprehensive and strict party governance into the “Four Comprehensives” strategic layout, and explored effective ways to rely on self-revolution to escape the historical cycle rate. Through the unprecedented fight against corruption and upholding integrity, the party has won the historical initiative of maintaining flesh-and-blood ties with the people and the people’s heartfelt support, and won the historical initiative of the whole party to be highly united, to be at the forefront of the times, and to lead the people to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Xi Jinping pointed out that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we have achieved remarkable results and accumulated important experience in the fight against corruption. The first is to build an anti-corruption work pattern under the overall leadership of the party, and improve the anti-corruption work system and mechanism under the unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the overall command of the party committees at all levels, the organization and coordination of the discipline inspection commission, the efficient coordination of functional departments, and the participation and support of the people. The second is to start with treating the symptoms, and embody the root causes in the symptoms, so that party members and cadres “dare not” because of awe, “can’t” because of the system, and “don’t want to” because of awareness. The third is to always adhere to the main tone of strictness and unswervingly, punish corruption with a zero-tolerance attitude, resolutely curb the increase and reduce the stock, and seriously investigate and deal with corruption that hinders the implementation of the party’s theory, line, principles and policies, and seriously damages the party’s governing foundation. We will eliminate two-faced people who oppose the party’s yang and yin, and those corrupt elements who do not restrain themselves, and deepen the anti-corruption work in key areas. The fourth is to tighten the institutional cage for corruption prevention and control, and form a relatively complete set of internal party regulations and anti-corruption legal systems. The legal system takes root. The fifth is to build an ideological dam against corruption and change, strengthen the foundation with ideals and beliefs, arm the whole party with the party’s innovative theory, use the excellent traditional culture to be upright and moral, supplement the “calcium” of spirit, and cast the “soul” of ideas. ” to build a solid ideological and moral defense line. The sixth is to strengthen the restriction and supervision of the exercise of power, deepen the reform of the party’s disciplinary inspection system and the reform of the state’s supervision system, realize the full coverage of inner-party supervision and the supervision of public officials, strengthen the party’s self-supervision and the public’s supervision, and solve problems discovered. , promote rectification, promote reform, and improve the system, educate and guide party members and cadres to uphold public power, use power according to law, use power with integrity, and use power for the people.

Xi Jinping emphasized that corruption is a manifestation of the long-term accumulation and continuous fermentation of various bad factors within the party, and anti-corruption is to fight against various pathogens that weaken the party’s advanced nature and damage the party’s purity. This kind of struggle is extremely complicated and extremely difficult, and there is no room for concessions and compromises. We must always maintain the courage to face the problem and the firmness of the blade to turn inward. We must resolutely cut off the tumor, remove the source of the poison, and eliminate the stray poison. discoloration.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the fight against corruption has won an overwhelming victory and has been consolidated in an all-round way, but the situation is still grim and complicated. We must not underestimate the stubbornness and harmfulness of corruption, and we must carry out the fight against corruption to the end. To promote the one that does not dare to be corrupt, cannot be corrupt, and do not want to be corrupt, the three must exert their efforts at the same time, in the same direction, and comprehensively, so as to combine the powerful deterrent effect of not being corrupt, the rigid system constraints that cannot be corrupt, and the ideological and educational advantages of not wanting to be corrupt. Integrate into one, and use the “full-cycle management” approach to promote various measures to cooperate with each other in terms of policy orientation, promote each other in the implementation process, and complement each other in terms of work results.

Xi Jinping emphasized that it is necessary to strengthen the centralized and unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee on anti-corruption work, give full play to the party’s political, organizational and institutional advantages, and consolidate the main responsibility of party committees (party groups) at all levels to strictly govern the party, especially the “top leaders” first. The responsibility of the person in charge shall be carried out through the implementation of the supervision responsibilities of relevant functional departments, and the responsibility pattern of governing the party and governing the party shall be improved in a unified and coordinated manner. The fight against corruption must be integrated and coordinated with the Party’s political, ideological, organizational, work style, discipline, and system development, and give full play to political supervision, ideological education, organizational management, work style regulation, discipline enforcement, and system improvement in the prevention and control of corruption. play an important role in the overall battle.

Xi Jinping pointed out that it is necessary to maintain zero-tolerance vigilance and zero-tolerance efforts, coordinate the promotion of anti-corruption struggles in various fields, and gradually reduce those recurring old problems until they are never committed, make it difficult for some new problems to spread, and resolutely curb the increase. , to clear the stock. It is necessary to accurately grasp the stage characteristics and changing trends of corruption, focus on key areas and key links, unswervingly “fight tigers”, “slap flies” and “hunt foxes”, and resolutely clean up industrial and systemic corruption with high risks and hidden dangers, and effectively Prevent and resolve corruption risks and related economic and social risks. All regions and departments should closely integrate the actual situation, conduct an in-depth analysis of their own political and ecological conditions, identify the prominent manifestations, key areas, and easy-to-prone links of corruption, focus on targeted rectification, and make every effort to tackle difficulties and seek practical results.

Xi Jinping emphasized that it is necessary to start from the source, improve the system and mechanism for the management of power and officials, and prevent and control corruption in a more normalized and long-term manner. Efforts should be made to reduce opportunities for corruption, seize key powers such as policy formulation, decision-making procedures, approval and supervision, and law enforcement and judiciary. It is necessary to effectively prevent the growth of corruption, move the anti-corruption defense line forward, strengthen the daily management and supervision, and accurately use the “four forms” to grasp the early and small, prevent the small and prevent the gradual development, and fortify every layer. It is necessary to carry forward the glorious tradition and fine style of the party, carry out targeted education on party spirit and warnings, nourish the body and mind with a culture of integrity, establish a cadre assessment and evaluation system that meets the requirements of the new era and new stage, and pay attention to the education and guidance of young cadres. It is necessary to establish a linkage mechanism for early warning and punishment of corruption, strengthen the analysis and research on new features such as invisible variation, renovation and upgrading of corrupt means, and improve the ability to detect and effectively deal with corruption problems in a timely manner.

Xi Jinping pointed out that it is necessary to deepen the reform of the supervision system of the party and the state, take inner-party supervision as the leading role, promote the integration of various supervision forces and work integration, strengthen the full coverage and effectiveness of power supervision, and ensure that power is not abused. It is necessary to improve the internal party legal system and the national legal system, and accelerate the improvement of anti-corruption laws and regulations related to foreign affairs. It is necessary to strictly implement the system, and internalize compliance into the ideological and political consciousness of party members and cadres. In carrying out self-revolution, we must also focus on relying on the people, and relying on the support and help of the people to solve our own problems.

Xi Jinping emphasized that to comprehensively and strictly administer the party and advance the fight against corruption, we must start strictly from leading cadres, especially senior cadres. The higher the position and the greater the power, the more reverence and self-discipline must be exercised. Leading cadres, especially senior cadres, must take good care of themselves, their families and relatives, the affairs of the people around them, and the atmosphere in which their supervisors are in charge of their fields. In order to create a clean and upright political ecology, and to form a clean and refreshing comradeship and comradeship. Take the lead and fulfill your responsibilities in respect of maintaining a well-behaved relationship between superiors and subordinates, adhering to the relationship between government and business, and creating a positive social environment. Comrades in the Political Bureau of the Central Committee must adhere to the highest standards in being strict with themselves, and they must be the first to do what they require the whole party to do, and they must resolutely abstain from doing what they require the whole party to not do.

Xi Jinping pointed out that the discipline inspection and supervision organs should take the initiative to respond to the new situation and new challenges in the fight against corruption, deepen their understanding of the laws of governing the Party and the laws of the fight against corruption, continuously improve their work ability and level, and actively accept supervision from all aspects of the Party and society. Resolutely prevent “darkness under the lights” with the spirit of self-revolution. Discipline inspection and supervision cadres must be loyal, firm, selfless and fearless, always stand in the spirit of the party, exercise discipline impartially, exercise power prudently, and dare to be good at fighting, so as to truly reassure the Party Central Committee and satisfy the people.

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