Dust, move forward in silence

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Dusts, move forward in silence | hayami’s blog I haven’t run for many years. The few marathons I ran all over the world when I was about 20 years old have overdrawn my passion for running. I remember my first full marathon at the age of 19. Carrying a bag to an unfamiliar city ahead of schedule, it turns out that I have a period. With the thought of “come here” and some curiosity about “what it feels like to have dysmenorrhea”, I just finished the race within five hours and forty minutes. Later, I heard a very female-minded boy say a point of view, saying that the reason why men generally lack empathy and empathy is the lack of experience of “pain” since childhood. The first time I heard this point of view, I couldn’t help but light up. Because I meet all the people who think about gender, about self…


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