Dynamic properties deprecated in PHP 8.2

Like the minor version, PHP 8.2 adds some deprecations. Deprecations are often a source of frustration, but it’s important to realize that they’re actually very helpful. I’ve already written about dealing with deprecations in general, so if you’re already frustrated, maybe it’s best to look at that thread first. Today, I want to focus on a deprecation in particular in PHP 8.2: deprecated dynamic properties.

So first, what are dynamic properties? Well, they are properties that don’t exist in the class definition, but are dynamically set on objects of those classes at runtime.

For example this Post class doesn’t have a name property, but we set it at runtime:

 class Post { } // … $post = new Post (); $post-> name = 'Name' ; var_dump ($post-> name ); // 'Name'

Since PHP 8.2

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